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To dream about temple explained:

A temple in your dream signifies spirituality and your longing to find your higher self. The temple might be linked to a place of prayer and peace. This might be what is in your core and you will be looking to find it.

May represent spirituality and devotion.

Dreams which involve visions of a temple usually mean that you are longing to expand your spiritual self and learn more about religion or various aspects of your faith. Seeing elephants in the temple in the same dream is symbolic of trying to find like-minded people or seek help from them during this spiritual journey.

A temple in dreams denotes growth and transformation. This can also refer to spiritual enlightenment. Since the temple is located by the beach, it means you are conflicted. You are torn between following the advice of your elders or letting your emotions guide your judgment. The sari provides further clues about the source of your dilemma. A sari symbolizes safety, security and modesty. It seems that you want to break free from traditions and be free to make your own choices, but your family could be trying to rein in your stubborn nature so you can have a more stable future.

Temples in dreams typically represent enlightenment and spiritual growth. Going to this Shiv temple in your dream connotes your yearning for purpose in life or inner peace. Since the Shiv lingam is often associated with creation and regeneration, you may be contemplating a major decision which could have serious repercussions in your future. Perhaps you are entertaining thoughts of forming or expanding your family by having children. The long queue symbolizes the enormity of your decision, such that you need to wait for the perfect time for you to implement your plans and ideas.

Leaving a hotel may represent a current physical or mental state that you are in. It can indicate that you have physically moved locations or that you have moved on from some event or emotion that was bothering you. The destination of the temple is very telling, as it reveals you have not fully made peace with your decision to move on yet. While you are going through the process and believing everything is for the better, deep in your heart not all is well. Therefore, by seeking the temple your subconscious is trying to find clarity and assurance. Being splashed with mud may show that not everyone you know is on your side. There are probably some enemies in existence causing you problems behind your back or spreading nasty rumors. Your inability to wash the mud off suggests their efforts would be effective, and you could suffer at their hands. Being refused to sail in the boat at the end of the vision may predict that you cannot yet be free of the troubles that plagued your past. You would have to go back and face the problems head on before any real progress can be made.

A religious place such as a temple can have a positive or negative meaning depending on the symbols associated with it in a dream. Given the overall positive message of the rest of the imagery, it points to spiritual growth and strong faith on your part. As butter is an important ingredient for adding flavor in real life, it is usually associated with positive outcomes, in this case, possibly becoming blessed with things you want to happen. The image of the white cow and its calf represents giving back to others as much as you receive, and this is most likely what you have already been doing in your waking life, because this is what makes you truly content and at peace with yourself.

This vision of seeing a temple in the sea is a reflection of your inner desire to enrich yourself spiritually and welcome faith and religion into your existence. However, seeing people going in and out but at the same time being reluctant or perhaps afraid to join or follow them speaks of your hesitation and critical view in regards to some aspects of religious traditions, celebrations or rituals. The proximity of the temple to the land in this dream is a subtle suggestion for you to re-assess your values and personal beliefs and make the choice that is right for you.

Seeking refuge in a temple most often symbolizes the possibility of being positively charged. In other words, opportunities for success and happiness may present themselves to you in the near future. The snakes protecting you from the thing that was chasing you represent overwhelming emotions, often romantic in nature, which you may be feeling toward someone. If you play your hand right, there is a good chance you could turn such feelings into a fruitful and fulfilling relationship.


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