trailer Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about trailer explained:

May suggest feeling overworked or overloaded.

Traveling in a car represents your journey in life. The recollection from the dream about your husband driving the vehicle means that you allow him to make most of the decisions, steering your family in the right direction in the process. The accident you experienced represents troubles and conflicts you go through together as partners. Surviving this car accident means that you would be able to overcome and resolve any confrontations or issues which may appear in the future to test your marriage and commitment.

Seeing your son driving an off-road vehicle is a sign of experiencing emotional turmoil and uncertainty. It can also mean you are about to experience a loss of material possessions or significant financial shortages. This is likely related to your son, suggesting that he may need extra money for activities you are not sure would yield any tangible benefits. This is supported by the image of your ex-husband rubbing your feet at the end of the vision, as this points toward the idea that you would soon be astounded by unexpected or surprising events of a negative nature. You may want to be cautious with what money you spend on your son, making sure that his associations and activities are adding value to his life.


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