underwater Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about underwater explained:

When you dream of being underwater it means that your emotions, about a specific problem, are overwhelming you. If you are able to breathe and swim freely underwater it indicates that you do not want to face your responsibilities. On the other hand it simply denotes that you are sorting out your feelings and learning to deal with them emotional turmoil as it comes.

May represent the unconscious.

May symbolize feeling comfortable with, or connected to your emotions.

The ability to breathe air underwater, perhaps as you envision yourself as an aquatic creature or by some magical properties, suggests a similar miraculous occurrence in the real world when it comes to your financial standing. You could become involved in a highly complex deal, situation or scheme. While this may seem futile, you would ultimately be able to profit or benefit from the whole ordeal. Perhaps you get to find a resolution to this conundrum or you would be able to find a loophole from which you can gain a lot.

In a dream vision, being in water is often associated with opportunity. Being underwater, however, might be the manifestation of some existing fears, suggesting that this opportunity may be an art or hobby that you do not think could be a viable path for you. Your ability to breathe underwater, then, serves as a reminder that anything is possible with creativity and a bit of elbow grease. If you put your mind to it, no path is impossible.

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