uneasy Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about uneasy explained:

May symbolize feeling self-conscious, awkward or inhibited.

A sunny day in a dream denotes optimism. You would soon enter a favorable period both at home and at work. In addition, seeing a deer or a group of deers in the woods or forest means you would likely meet or become acquainted with influential personalities, possibly a social group. These personalities would be instrumental in your personal development by imparting their wisdom, guidance and generosity. You would benefit from their advice and experience as they become your mentors who would provide material or emotional support at your first call for help.

Nurses appearing in a dream symbolize healing and improvement. You may be at a crossroads at the moment or are dealing with a complicated issue. This matter could be wearing you down in all aspects of your waking life: physically, emotionally and even spiritually. As such, the nurse in your dream serves to remind you to put yourself first because you cannot help others if you are unwell yourself. The he reference in the dream could be a loved one you have been trying to support and help for so long, yet you feel all your efforts have been taken for granted. Perhaps you have stopped trying to help someone recently and your conscience is making you feel guilty and restless.

This vision is highly ominous and should be considered a warning about getting involved in things outside of your concern. To be more specific, the stormy ocean which rises high above you and the others represents a scandalous, outrageous situation which may have a negative impact on your social interactions and, in turn, your career opportunities in the community at large. Additionally, the sharks in the water suggest that your involvement in this situation is an accident caused by your own obliviousness to the facts of the matter. Getting to the beach at the end also points toward feelings of deep regret and remorse, possibly because you cannot undo what has already happened. If none of this has happened yet, it may be wise to keep your head low to avoid making any huge mistakes you cannot fix later.

Being in an awkward situation in an office during a dream vision symbolically represents the discomfort or anxiety your current position in the world is making you feel. The cause of this can be seen in the man you are with, as a random guy suggests you could have recently mixed up or misrepresented the facts about something important, possibly jeopardizing your association with a friend or colleague.

Having this strange kind of a relationship with your father is associated with the idea of making decisions or observations based on broad generalizations about a certain situation or group of people. Your inability to distinguish a singular entity from the whole could have negative effects on your interactions with others, especially newer relations. The fact that your father has already passed could suggest your way of thinking is based on things you heard or experienced in the past, perhaps pointing toward a fossilization of your ideas and beliefs. It might be wise, then, to spend some time actively looking at arguments which challenge your stances and see if what you believe in stands up to the test.

Two symbols in your dream evoke themes of masculinity and maleness, the baby boy and the sunrise. Both signs also pertain to new beginnings, renewal of life and nascent opportunities. This recurring dream is an indication of good things to come and a new phase in your life. The masculine aspect means that you are given opportunities to demonstrate characteristics often associated with males, such as aggressiveness and social dominance. These natural competitive and assertive traits are key to the changes and achievements in your life that could bring you wealth, security and happiness.

Dreaming about major changes happening at you workplace reveal your insecurities or anxieties about your current position in life, not necessarily related to employment. You could be overly concerned about your ability to express yourself, follow your dreams and aspirations or provide for your family. You seem to be attributing less and less importance and value to what you do on a day-to-day scale, while forgetting the fact that no matter how small and insignificant your efforts may seem, they still inspire you to keep on going, be motivated and prevail.


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