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To dream about wishes explained:

May symbolize unfulfilled desires.

Being together with someone who is a celebrity in a dream could contain indications of some negative energy present in your life. This is particularly true if this person was very famous or good-looking. The negative energy, however, is not likely to be anything serious. Instead, it is most likely to manifest as some trivial inconvenience, like hitting traffic or being forced inside by bad weather. A starry sky with every little detail that astounds you and leaves you breathless could also indicate the beginning of the period in your life when you would be actively searching for your true purpose and place in life. The images of golden flakes you were collecting is also a sign of your gullible nature and propensity to be deceived or taken advantage of easily. Together with other symbols you have come across in this dream, it might as well be a warning to pay less attention to the material and short-lived, and be more cognizant of things that truly matter, like spirituality and peace of mind.

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