A Bridge Collapsing Dream Meaning

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A Bridge Collapsing Dream Meaning

When you see a bridge of wood or concrete crumble, the dream means that you are worried about your future. Spiritually, seeing a bridge collapsing in a dream indicates an influence or challenge coming your way. Seeing the bridge partly collapsing in this dream may mean you will have to take extra caution in making decisions in the coming days as it is very possible that you may be making a bad decision. When you dream about a bridge collapsing as you are driving, this may indicate a danger or problem that is likely looming over your life.

Dreaming that the bridge collapsing, and then falling, means that you are going to experience lifes misfortunes. Dreaming of a bridge collapsing or breaking as you are crossing, or just before crossing, indicates you are missing out on significant opportunities. Dreams in which you are crossing a collapsing bridge, or are about to do so when it begins to crumble, usually indicate that you are about to let a great opportunity in your life slip through your fingers. Dreams about collapsing bridges are clear representations of your chances and opportunities collapsing before you.

When you dream of an already collapsing bridge, it may indicate you are not looking over your shoulder or want to linger in the past. If you dream of crossing the bridge, it might mean you are at a major crossroads in your life, or that you are about to make a very hard decision that will define the rest of your life.

If you cross the bridge in your dreams, that might mean you are going to be able to take on whatever hardships life throws your way. The bridge in the dream may represent something you are trying to get through, like a tough situation at work, or a tough relationship. If you are dreaming about crossing the bridge, this could indicate you have an opportunity coming your way, which you must grasp.

If you dream of crossing a bridge, it likely means you need to make a big decision sometime in the future. Dreaming of driving over a bridge may mean that you are about to start a new trip or adventure in life. When you dream about crossing a frightening bridge, it can represent a new challenge that you are facing in your life.

Dreaming of a destroyed bridge is telling you that you might be going through a time of major change in your life. To dream about a crumbling bridge indicates you are going through some perilous, but important, changes in your life right now. If you dream of building a bridge, this is a sign that many hardships are ahead.

The crumbling bridge represents an opportunity eroding before your eyes. The disintegrating bridge represents the opportunities that are vanishing before you. The crumbling bridge represents a possibility you should be making things work, but you are getting lazy for whatever reason and you would like to forget about it.

If you are trying to walk across a partly collapsing bridge in your dreams, those dreams may warn you to take extra caution when making certain decisions in the near future, as the chances are high you will make some bad ones. While in the dream that you are looking at a bridge, but do not go across, it is symbolizing your problems are going to be increasing each day, as you cannot come up with solutions, and cannot be proactive to turn things around. If you have a dream where you see yourself standing perfectly still on a bridge, this could mean you have a problem and cannot think of any way of solving the problem.

It is also possible that you dream about a stone bridge, a ice bridge, or perhaps a bridge that is shaking beneath you. You might dream about standing on the bridge, walking on the bridge, or perhaps jumping off of a bridge.

Visions of a bridge collapsing under you while you are trying to walk over it are highly sinister, and usually foretell someone whom you trusted in the past is about to enter your life again, intent on taking advantage of you now. A vision of a destroyed bridge may symbolise your depression and anxiety in real life. In a dream, the destruction of the bridge by a bomb or by burning it down represents avoiding looking back on or cutting off your connection to the past.

The dream may represent specific events which are about to take place. If you jump off the bridge in your dream, willingly, then that means that this is the sentiment that is holding you back from reaching your established goals in life. If someone crosses the bridge of judgment in the dream, then it means they are going to avoid a big challenge, or maybe it can be representative of the big obstacle one might face in this life. If one crosses the Bridge of Judgement in a dream, it means that he will escape a major trial, or perhaps it could represent a major hurdle one may have to cross in this life. Especially, if he meets with the spirits who are leaving this world, or if he goes into an unfamiliar place, or sees unusual structures, or if he is carried in mid-air by a bird, or if he is eaten up by a beast, or if in a dream one falls in a ditch, or is carried up to the Heavens, these also all signify recovering from ill-health, or going on a great voyage, or could signify returning to the house after taking on great travel.

If one becomes a bridge in his dream, then it means that he will gain great powers or be an inspiration to others, or that people will come to require his authority and assistance. If one sees themselves transformed into a bridge in a dream, it means that they will be elected into leadership positions, and that people will come to need them, their prestige, and what they can offer.

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