Are Dreams Alternative Realities?

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In our dreams we see people and places we have never heard or seen of, and we feel things we have never felt before. If you have ever noticed that your strange behavior takes place in a dream, it makes perfect sense that you do, because you have had dreams from the past that look like those of a parallel universe. If you dream of parallel universes, it is likely that you have experienced one at some point in your other life.

We often dream of events taking place in the future, only to realize that we have no memory of the dream. Such dreams are a foretaste of what could be experienced in a parallel universe. Such dreams give rise to the image of an alternative world in which one leads a different life.

Many people see things in dreams that will happen soon. Some people have wonderful, happy dreams, while others do not remember their dreams, and still others, like this person, describe terrible, scarring nightmares. These are the questions neuroscientists have been trying to answer in recent decades to understand alternative realities known as our oneiric dream states.

Today, we see dreams as projections of past events and emotional states that have a great influence on our subconscious. Dreams repeat themselves every day, and they play an essential role in our daily lives, influencing our emotions and personal experiences. In contrast, in dreams we assume the everyday world as if we were playing a role in its appearance.

One common theory is that dreams are a way for your brain to process information acquired during the day. Some see dreams as a way to express desires that you are unaware of to others, and others think they are caused by random signals which are shared in your sleep by your mind and your body.

On the one hand, we have a parallel universe in which an infinite number of us live, and on the other, we have dreams that are sometimes nonsensical. In serial dreams we return to the same people and places and see a continuous life of parallel selves in parallel worlds where we have to make different choices. The different versions of ourselves are interconnected, and the only way we can perceive their reality is through dreams that only our subconscious can access.

While it is true that we do not remember all the events in our dreams in the waking hours of our lives, the fact that Alzheimer's patients have little memory of events does not mean that their lives are less real. We assume that wakefulness and dream states involve similar experiences and that a person with BPD may have trouble distinguishing between events and experiences that occur in wakefulness and those that are part of the dream content. When BPD patients experience negative experiences due to cognitive impairments in both waking and sleeping states, they may find it harder to recognize these events as part of a dream.

The biophysical logic of consciousness in dreams and waking hours can be traced back to neurons in the Big Bang. When you are awake and dreaming, you experience the same biophysical processes. In a dream or in waking hours, your mind breaks down into probability waves that create a physical reality full of functioning bodies.

When you become a conscious dream traveler, you affirm your own perceptual experience, which is not limited to the body and brain and can survive death. If you want to re-enter a dream to clarify something, talk to your late grandmother, explore a parallel world or look for a possible future. Whatever you do when you wake up, go to the door that opened to you the night before, dream of a fertile sleeping place and wake up in a special moment of synchronicity when the universe becomes personal.

Not surprisingly, for some of us, our dreams are a glimpse into the life we are going to live, or into the existence we yearn for in reality. Dreams can be metaphorical dreams that need to be interpreted, past lives that need to be reviewed, or insights into alternative realities, but the takeaway is that you have a world in the present that you want to aspire to, live your life the way you want to, and don't regret it.

The answer is that in the dream the counterpart to you lives in a ramified universe, a daughter world to your world. The counterpart in the alternative world dreams of you, and his counterpart is his counterpart in all his life events.

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