What Happens if a Dream Comes True?

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A dream tells you what you know and how you feel. Your dream can lead you to where you feel or know something. It can serve as a guide to guide you into areas of your life that require growth, expression and integration.

Dreaming in your dreams of things in the future is a normal event at a certain point in your life, because you are thinking about things that are future, and the future is in your subconscious mind. Since most dreams seem to have nothing to do with what is happening in the present, ask how the dream is integrated into your life. If you dream of flying, falling on a victorious enemy, not being able to find someone, or having extraordinary persecution powers, ask about the symbolic aspects of your life.

If you have the ability to dream of the future, you can dream of things like World Events like Typhoons and Earthquakes because these things can happen in the days ahead. I mentioned that dreams that can be predicted are called pre-cognitive, because one can actually dream of how the future will come in real life the way one dreams. A pre-cognitive dream is one that predicts the future because you see what is going to happen to you in a short space of time, not what is going to happen to you in the real world.

Sometimes the fulfillment of a dream is different from what we believe. You may think that your dream is one thing, but it turns out that it is something completely different. Pre-cognitive dreams are a kind of dream that happens before waking up in life, but there are times when it's all about you.

It is because we never fully understand what we dream of, and we never fathom the full implications of our dreams. The fulfillment of a dream can come and go when time changes and we change circumstances.

Reality, it turns out, is far more complicated than dreams would have us believe. There are circumstances in your life that, if they happen, could be dreams all the time.

Even if you dismiss it as mere coincidence, precise or improbable, you cannot help but wonder about the true nature of time when your mind is coupled with something else. You dismiss it, but days or weeks go by and you realize that the dream has happened right in front of your eyes in real life. Often confused with déjà vu (French for "seeing," the concept of seeing or feeling something experienced in a dream), this phenomenon is actually called déjà vu, French for "dreaming.".

Not many psychologists have embraced the notion that dreams are a clear window into the inner self; they are like predicting that the flight one is to take today will crash. But there are people who wonder whether their dreams have anything to do with them, whether they are rooted in their psyche or in their outside world. Dreams are stories, images that our minds create in our sleep.

There is no question that the ability to foresee the future is one of those dreams that can come true. Most prophetic dreams have no significant significance or any connection to life-changing events. However, there is a belief that individuals can enter a dream state, and there have been numerous instances where dreams have come true in ways that could not have been foreseen.

Deja vu, clear-sighted dreaming and pre-cognitive dreams are different things, but when they overlap, it becomes difficult to tell whether pre-cognition is actually taking place. In fact, researchers admit that pre-cognitive dreams are a real thing, but there is no concrete information about why they happen.

What happens at the end of your dream is important because it can indicate what will happen in general life. Dreams can indicate that you feel stuck in waking life. What happens in dreaming can be seen as a reflection of the likely result of becoming more alive and powerful in the dream state.

Lastly, dreaming of future events can present us in many subtle ways, especially if you have repetitive dreams that become more vivid and juicy, like a continuous phone message. If you do not honour your dreams, you will at least dream of them, and if you are unconscious, you dream of others consuming the unconscious messages that permeate, such as symptoms of neuroses and compulsions.

Forward-looking dreams are those that show that you are moving in the right direction without warning. The only way to know if your dream will come true is to come back the next day or in three years. You will never know if your dream this time is a predictable one or not.

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