Evangelist Joshua Dream Meaning About Being Shot

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Being Shotin a Dream (Meaning according to Evangelist Joshua)

To dream that you are a policeman indicates that God has reason to use you to save a person or a family from Satan invaders. When the police arrest you in your dreams, you will find yourself in a mental trap and lose your freedom. If you dream of the police arresting your husband, wife, mother, father or uncle, evil events can be avoided if you can fast and pray earnestly in Jesus name.

To see in a dream or in reality how the police arrest a thief means that the devouring spirit that steals your blessings is arrested by God, and if you can pray against him in reality, then in the name of Jesus you will be free forever. is under fire from the police in a dream, he will not be able to see the glory of God in his life.

Spiritually, shooting people in your dreams can be a real problem for an enemy who doesn't want you to move forward in life. Shooting in a dream means threats, in real life avoiding disputes, if you shoot at a person, this means that the spirit of death wants to act in your life, because the enemy wants to sabotage your life.

SHOT FROM A WEAPONS When in a dream someone hit you with a gun, but they could not hurt you, or you missed, it means that there was danger in your life, but God freed you, if you are wounded and wounded, then this shows that your life is currently in danger and you are somehow helpless or already overwhelmed. The dream indicates that there is currently a serious spiritual and physical obstacle in your life. It may also indicate that your life is in danger at the hands of witches and wizards or your enemies. The dream may also reflect someone else who you believe is deliberately making the decision to let you down, embarrass you, or take revenge.

The dream can also mean that a situation in your life needs to be resolved and it's time for you to move on. Or maybe dreams will give you an idea of ​​what makes you truly happy. Dreaming about pregnancy could mean big changes are on the horizon and your friend is trying to decide if this change is right for him or not. Basically, dreaming about any stage of pregnancy means that a new side of you or a new part of your life is on the way, and it's up to you - in your waking life - to find out what that new thing might be.

For example, a dream about your sister being pregnant with a nephew can and will mean something completely different than you hugging your nephew, or dreaming about your nephew chasing you. Seeing your nephew or grandson in a dream predicts that you will help him and help him in a serious situation. ready for unexpected guests.

If you live in this type of house, your dream life will suffer. Of course, if you slept with an occult person, it will affect your dream life.

Maybe the dream is trying to show that you need to remove someone from your life. This dream also means that you are empowered by God to counsel people with serious problems and protect their information. When this happens, the dream may somehow mean that God is using your enemies against you.

Seeing yourself blind in a dream is a bad omen, which means that the enemy has shown you what was or has already been, that you may not see the end of your life, even the beautiful things that people are used to seeing, immediately wake up to use psalm 11, 12, 13 in drink water 7 times in 7 days and wash yourself on the last day from 7 days of fasting. If you see cats in a dream as a symbol of the enemy, this means that one of your neighbors has power over you, so they can attack you in a dream, use the three-day fast (Psalm 68) as a prayer point and anoint yourself with olive oil. If you see yourself in a soldier's barracks, then knowing that you were captured by the power of darkness, the locals are not safe with civilians, pray for your complete release, otherwise it will be difficult later in life to deliver Psalm 46 in olive oil and anoint yourself for 3 days of fasting, prayer times 12, 3, 6, 9 and sleep will follow to free you and your complete freedom from the shekels of darkness.

If you see so many fruits in one place in a dream, then your working day is invalid and a prayer fast appears. When you dream of a lot of fruits at some point, it means that your working day is invalid.

In a dream, you repeatedly received a bow and arrow, which means that you will experience demotion, poverty and loss of faith. If you dream that you were hit with a bow and arrow, and you often have such dreams, these dreams may indicate that something or some demonic forces are creating obstacles in your path. Arrows are sharp-pointed weapons that can be fired from a bow, so dreaming that you are being shot with an arrow may indicate the activity of an evil spirit that is watching you.

Archery can be harmful, however, if you dream that you are hit by an arrow of insanity, then there is a possibility that you have mental disorders, and sometimes this can lead to ignorance or an inability to think clearly. Being hit by an arrow from an unknown person indicates that something strange has entered your life, it can paralyze your dreams and your career. If you dreamed that your late grandmother was smiling at you, it means that you will be lucky and will be able to meet more new friends by showing your excellent social skills.

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