Can Dreams Predict The Future?

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Pre-cognitive dreams are often described as psychological experiences, and research suggests that 15 to 30 percent of people experience them. People with a higher tolerance for ambiguity are more likely to experience foreboding in dreams. Events predicted in pre-cognitive dreams seem to happen 40 percent more often than times in daydreams.

When the Titanic sank in 1912, hundreds of people came forward to report their mental dreams about the sinking of the ship. A compelling example of precognition manifesting itself in a dream happened to me when I was divorced. For someone who had never experienced such dreams, and especially prophetic dreams of this kind, it was like a loop.

The Demographic Survey Sleep and Dream Database 2015 asked, among other questions, whether people who had dreams anticipated or predicted future events. According to the results, dreams are the result of a process that combines different memories and past experiences to predict how future events will unfold. According to British philosopher David Hartley, who continues to work on how we sleep, there are three main sources of dreams, including impressions, the idea that we are in contact with another state of the body, specifically the brain and stomach and associative mechanisms in our mind.

In ancient Greece, dreams contained forebodings of the future, omens and visions. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that dreams were equally predictions of future events and visits from the dead. At the time, brains and dreams explained why people like Walt Whitman believed in the ability of information to reach us while we sleep - a trait evident in his poems.

The Greeks built a temple called Asclepion, a place where the sick could ask for their health and healing, which was believed to have come about through divine grace, born of dreams and events of a healing nature.

Throughout history, a few examples spring to mind : Albert Einstein's theory of relativity was inspired by a dream, Abraham Lincoln is said to have dreamt that his own body lay in a coffin for two weeks before he was murdered and Joan of Arc predicted her death in a prophetic dream. Most cases of dreams that predict significant events in waking life are pure coincidences. For example, some people dream of car accidents to the point where the person who dreams of them the night before actually gets involved in a car accident.

Prediction involves prospective coding, where phenomena that have the same meaning in a given context are merged and other phenomena blur in that context because they are not essential, making the role of REM dreaming entertaining in prospective coding.

Throughout history, people have believed that prophetic dreams can give us insights into future events. Dreams are conceived as fantasies, but their power lies in our desire to know what they say and to accompany us at night as we sleep. The idea of prophetic dreams and visions is ancient and comes from people who think they have had them, including me.

The way you think about dreams is that they help you figure out what is happening in your subconscious on an emotional level to make informed decisions about the future. Dreams are complex, and you have to have a theory to explain them as they are. Pre-cognitive and prophetic dreams have no logic, so let's not try to explain what they are or what the abilities are.

Pre-cognitive dreams have paranormal roots because we need access to unpredictable information about the future. Many of our dreams are interpretative and scattered enough to give meaning to the future information we are to receive. Mental predictions are nowhere to be found, and the idea of pre-cognitive dreams requires blind trust.

There is currently little scientific evidence that dreams can predict the future. However, some research suggests that certain types of dreams can help predict the onset of disease and mental decline of those who dream frequently. In people with Parkinson's disease, for example, dreams that contain negative emotions correlate with future cognitive decline.

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