What does it mean to Dream about Cheating or Infidelity?

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What Does It Mean To Have Dream About Cheating?

A dream in which you cheat on your partner can make you wonder if the relationship with you has lost its lustre. Cheating dreams may seem like sex at first glance, but they actually reflect how your entire relationship is progressing.

You may experience dreams where your partner is the one cheating, to the point of feeling insecure about the relationship. Fraudulent dreams can increase your insecurity about your relationship with your partner.

Amber Kelleher Andrews, relationship expert and CEO of Kelleher International agrees that dreams are mostly metaphors, but she recommends recording your dreams and revealing what they represent in your waking life if they try to alert you to underlying problems. If you have recurring cheating dreams with your partner, it is important to ask yourself whether your dreams stem from personal insecurity that causes distance or whether you have an underlying problem with which you are dealing with. If this is the case, talk to your partner or therapist about your feelings if your cheating dreams are hurt.

Even if you know that your sexual thoughts are not far away from your partner and that you have never cheated on him in real life, sexual dreams can still make you feel that something is wrong in your relationship.

As Freud said, a cheating dream does not mean you want to cheat on your partner. Having sex dreams of someone else is not something your partner should feel cheated about. In a dream, you do it, enjoy sex with someone else, and that's because your partner doesn't exist, but dreaming of a cheating partner can still feel weird.

The dreams that you have of cheating on your partner can come from a number of reasons: lack of attention from your partner, abandonment problems, low self-esteem problems, trust issues or the fact that your partner cheated on you. As a result of these trust problems that make you dream that your partner cheats on you, you may in real life be insecure in your relationship. Feelings of insecurity and guilt towards friends, bosses or family members can manifest as betrayal by the partner in the dream.

Cheating in a dream may have little to do with infidelity in your current relationship, but it can symbolize guilt, insecurity and fear in your waking life.

If you dream of your partner cheating on you, says Dr Manly, this could indicate a lack of trust and a sense of security in your relationship.

In many cases, if you dream of cheating, this is a sign that your partner is not paying you as much attention as you would like. Dreams of cheating can be direct (out of jealousy that your partner is working with attractive colleagues of the opposite sex) or indirect (your partner is taking on new activities, meeting friends or spending time away from you). Depending on the context of the dream and what goes on in your waking life, dreams of your partner cheating can be either a warning or confirmation of your worst suspicions.

Fraudulent dreams can make you feel guilty about not being equal in the relationship or not supporting your partner. Fraudulent dreams could indicate that something is missing or that you need to inject a little adventure into your relationship.

Curiosity is natural in humans, and sexual beings often dream of cheating, even people who love their partners. The only time a cheating dream suggests your relationship is in trouble is when you dream about it most nights or think about it every day.

There is never a uniform interpretation of a dream symbol, but one of the most common reasons people cheat in dreams is that they feel guilty when they wake in life. A dream that is not a literal cheating dream could be your unconscious processing of problems with sex or your relationship. An intense dream based on cheating could be based on a reference to certain relationship problems.

If you cheat on your partner in your dream, you may experience a devastating worst-case scenario in your dream state, but you know as in real life that you will wake up and survive. If you have dreamed of cheating on your girlfriend or boyfriend or of being cheated by your husband or wife before driving yourself mad with guilt or accusing your spouse or partner of infidelity, take a step back and interpret the symbolism. Every time you have a cheating dream during a life or relationship milestone, such as marriage, contraction or engagement, remember that the feeling of cheating in a dream is not the actual cheating.

If your relationship with your significant other is solid, you are unlikely to dream of cheating on your partner. Your insecurity about yourself, the person who cheats on you, or the person who cheats on your partner, is probably better off playing the dream with your partner and choosing the person who cheated on you instead of you. If you find that your dreams of cheating are linked to worries about your relationship, she says open a conversation with your partner's therapist.

Even if you don't flirt in real life with someone, a cheating dream can be an opportunity to take stock of your relationship, Fraudulent dreams can indicate an unfaithful partner or relationship.

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