Dream Of Police Arresting Someone

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Dream Of Police Arresting Someone (Dream Meaning And Dream Interpretation)

The most common explanation for a policeman's dream is that this is a representation of the power and authority that are somehow present in your life : seeing the police in a dream means that you are looking for people with authority and power to direct you in the right direction - if you are talking in your sleep with the police - it means that you need someone's help to sort out a situation.

If in a dream the police followed you, then this dream represents a conflict you will face with someone. If you had a dream in which you were talking to a police officer, then this dream is a conflict with other people. The interpretation of a dream to arrest someone means disbelief in others.

Seeing other people arrested in a dream is a sign that you take others for granted and it is very difficult for you to take their suggestions into consideration. If you dream that you are arresting someone else, this usually means that you are belittling someone. If you are a police officer who arrests someone in a dream it means that you feel useless and depressed and forcing others to do tasks for you.

If you make an arrest in your sleep, it could mean you are over-controlling others in real life. Dreaming about the arrest of other people can also be about how we judge the people around us (and sometimes even ourselves).

A criminal being arrested in a dream predicts that you need to rethink how you live and evaluate your life and how you live it and how you feel about people who mean a lot to you.

Seeing in a dream that the police are arresting someone means bad luck awaits you and people who deliberately sabotage your work. Apprehension and arrest of someone in a custody dream suggests that you will use your strength and authority to restrict others. A dream about being arrested by the police may reflect different feelings you have that make it difficult for you to change and feel like you are being forced to do something you don’t want.

If you dreamed that a member of your family was arrested it means that part of you may ask for help; dreaming of escape and avoiding arrest, this means that one of your acquaintances may return from prison or perhaps receive bail; dreaming that you have been arrested for assault suggests that someone will call and stop your violent behavior.

Conversely, the meaning of the police dream creates a problem in your journey, but it will still be solved if you work hard. The fabulous meaning of the approaching police indicates that you speak deeply about your need to live in an environment full of rules and discipline. If you are a policeman in a dream and interrogate someone, this means that you are doing your duties very well in your life. The dream meaning of the arrest of the police indicates that the subconscious is warning you.

The appearance of the arrest of several people unknown to you in a dream warns you of imminent problems. A dream about being arrested for a friend who is neither a stranger nor friend is a sign of your disgust or distrust of this acquaintance.

Seeing a prisoner or someone arrested in a dream is interpreted as a sign of bad news, loss of mental balance, unpleasant events and unpleasant things - this dream could be an expression of something that you disapprove of in this person's life or in yourself - this dream might surprise you a little. When you are the main character (or the one who was arrested anyway) it probably means that this dream carries a message about your place in society.

If you were stopped by the police in a dream, then this dream represents an idea of life problems that are not important but require a solution. The dreamed meaning of police pursuit reminds you that you will face difficulties, but not all of them. I hate to think about being arrested for murder, but having a dream in which you are held usually means that you feel a little trapped.

The dream of being arrested and handcuffed means that you feel bound by something, when the police arrest you in your sleep, you will find yourself in a spiritual trap and lose your freedom. If the police caught a criminal in your dream, then you have to judge your life.

Seeing the police arrest a thief in a dream or reality means that the devouring spirit that steals your blessings has been arrested by God, and if you can really pray against it, then you will always remain in the name of Jesus. If you can fast and pray earnestly the evil event will be prevented in Jesus name. A police hunt that ends with an arrest is a dream that shows the happiness and satisfaction that you deserve rightly.

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