Your Guardian Angel and Your Dreams

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Your Guardian Angel And Your Dreams

Some people believe that their guardian angel will escort their soul out of their body during their dreams and lead them on a journey into the spiritual realm or help them return to their body after awakening. Iin the Eastern Orthodox liturgy of Communion, the faithful have a prayer that asks the angels for peace: "O faithful and guided guardians of our soul and body, let us implore the Lord.

In your dream space angels can offer their guidance in many forms. When you dream, your guardian angel can enter your dream as a teacher, wise friend, or angel to send you thoughts, feelings, or telepathic communication as you dream. If an angel decides to send you certain dreams themes that will help you process your life lessons, they may choose to appear in glorious angel form.

Your guardian angel can convey a multitude of different messages to you in your dreams. If you contact your guardian angel during prayer, meditation, before bedtime or before falling asleep, he can send you a message in your dream. You can also dream of your angel acting as a friend or teacher.

The guardian angel uses symbols to send messages to people in dreams. Dreams are full of symbols, and it has been said that angels use symbols to impart information to you.

Signs and symbols Your angel will communicate by giving you a small sign or symbol every day. If there is a sign that your angel has strong feelings for him, there will be an increased awareness of what those feelings want to tell you.

It is believed that it is a sign that an angel is trying to attract our attention, that he is intervening to guide us in a certain way or to give us security when we need it. If your guardian angel tries to contact you in your dreams, he may have an important message for you.

In your dreams, an angel may come to you in your dream, but you may not recognize them or remember them when you wake up. Sometimes the message of the angels may not make sense in your dreams.

Be patient as you try to connect with the angel in your dreams. The dream visit of your guardian angel may require some practice, but it is worth it. Most people who share this technique had a dream visit every two to five days.

Talk to your angel about your day, what you have been worried about, your dreams and what you hope for. Go into a quiet room and close the door to block the energy of other races. You will need to use your imagination, but in time you will begin to feel at peace.

Remember to meditate before bed and connect with your angel through prayer and meditation to increase your chances of receiving messages from your angel in your dreams. This simple meditation will help you calm your mind before falling asleep, and lift your energy and prepare to connect with the guidance of your angel.

Take the time to record the details you remember from your dreams so that you can have a sense of communication with your guardian angel. The details that you record and remember can be helpful in understanding what your angel is trying to tell you. If you are dreaming, you may not be clear enough to establish a reciprocal communication between you and your visiting angel.

When you are relaxed in your sleep, your subconscious mind can wander around without fear or stress, which prevents you from receiving messages and refining what the angels convey to you.

It takes more than a dream to put the whole picture together, just as it takes more than a reading to know a whole life path. Every night when you sleep, you call your guardian angel and he sends you an increasing amount of angelic energy, which opens up dream paths for you over several nights. You may get strange dream themes from the wall, such as floating, flying, or teleporting from one place to another, and you may be guided by your angel, but your subconscious mind may block it.

Learning to invite your guardian angels into your dreams is a fun and beautiful way to deepen your intimacy with your spiritual team and receive the love and care it offers you. Whatever their appearance, their main aim is to inspire, encourage and teach you to live a beautiful and fulfilling life which is your right as a child of infinite love. If you have had trouble remembering your dreams in the past, your guardian angel can help you flex your dream muscles.

Before waking up, hold a notebook or pen by the bed and try to remember your dreams. Write down the details you remember even though they do not appear to be related to the angel at the time of the event so that if you start receiving messages from your angel when you are dreaming, you will improve your ability to remember the importance. If you cannot remember, you can always ask the angel to connect you with your dreams yourself.

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