Do We Have Astral Travels While We Dream?

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The mystical practice of astral projection enables people to have spiritual experiences outside the body. It is usually said that all things you do to make a physical experience more likely are remembered by remembering your dreams, breathing a certain way and being in a state of deep physical relaxation, energy and body stimulation.

Astral projection or astral travel is a term used in esotericism to describe intentional experiences outside of the body that presuppose the existence of a soul (called astral body) that is separate from the physical body and able to travel into the universe. Simply put, astral projection is the term used to describe when a soul in an "astral body" leaves the body while it sleeps, meditates, travels outside the body and the like.

Many people, especially young people and shamans in the world, believe it is possible to communicate with cosmic intelligences, to have visions and vivid dreams and to experience astral projections, also known as out-of-body experiences. Surveys suggest that somewhere between 8 and 20 per cent of people at some point in their lives claim to have had an experience outside the body where the feeling of consciousness or spirit leaves an astral body. There are documented cases of out-of-body experiences in near-death situations, neurological trauma and hallucinatory drugs that put a person in an involuntary dissociative state (Healthline), but the act of sending the soul out of the body and traveling through the eyes, as Adele puts it, let alone adopting someone who takes physical form is generally considered a spiritual rather than a scientific practice.

The concept of leaving the body for some kind of spiritual awakening has long-standing roots and that the explicit notion of astral projection is closely linked to theosophism, a belief system popular with Helena Blavatsky that focuses on spiritual experiences but for which there is little empirical evidence. Since we can enter various states of consciousness through things like dreaming and meditations, it makes sense that some people can achieve this through astral projections. Since astral projection is a philosophical experience, there is no way to measure whether a person's mind leaves or enters another body during sleep or meditation.

It is believed that astral projections represent the soul leaving the body and moving into some kind of new consciousness level, but scientific explanations do not support the existence of a soul separated from a physical body. There is no scientific evidence that consciousness embodies a function that is separate from normal neuronal activity, leaves the body or makes observations, and astral projections have been characterized as pseudoscience. While astral projection practitioners insist that their experiences are real, their evidence is often anecdotal; a person taking peyote or LSD may be convinced that they are in their altered state with gods, dead humans, angels or something else.

Astral travel is big business, with many books, seminars, DVDs and other materials promising to teach students how to leave their physical bodies and move into other dimensions. Practice allows our astral bodies to travel beyond the material world around us, using only our minds. One must simply have the will to put on and remove the outer raw body or coat and use the astral body to experience the inner world of astral travel, and to undertake such a journey without the astral body is necessary, and the ability to undertake an astral journey requires a substantial expansion of one's field of experience.

Relaxed, one can imagine an astral cord stretching from the third chakra of the solar plexus, which is located in the upper abdomen of the physical body, to the astral plane or astral region, the world in which consciousness resides. It is supposed to be the place where astral travellers meet when they project onto the Astra aircraft. Whether he believes that her eye astral projection sounds precise or that her body is being snatched from her is highly unlikely, but Adele claims that she travels to a place she knows, which is the opposite of the point at which she travels to the astral plane.

Once you reach the astral plane (also called the astral realm world in which all consciousness lives) you probably will experience a feeling of weightlessness and relief. An experience that astral cords can use to release tension and heal unresolved traumas. It is important that your physical body and astral form are protected during the projection. Astral projection is a triggering experience outside the body that is associated with clear dreaming and the ability to control one's dreams.

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