What does it mean to dream of Insects like Bugs, Flies, Maggots or even cockroaches?

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To dream of insects (being bugs, maggots, flies or even cockroaches) represents small obstacles that the dreamer must overcome
In general, to dream of insects implies that something has to be overcome which could just be small problems or worries, but it is necessary to eliminate them so that they do not become something more important and worrisome.
Insects mean that an issue can still be controlled. You can prevent it and you are in the right position NOW to deal with it before it grows or get worse.
On the other hand, to dream of insects could symbolize sensitivity and accuracy as qualities present in the person dreaming of insects. Sometimes insects in dreams are interpreted as divine messengers. Perhaps what they are telling you is to rethink your values and principles, to put your life in order.
But again, it is better to look at this as a subconscious warning to not let things grow to a point where they could no longer be under your control.
If you need to talk to someone about an important issue and you have been postponing it, now is the time. If you are waiting for something to happen, better act now. If expect someone to take the initiative to do something, decide to do it yourself.
Don’t let these insects grow out of proportion.
That’s what these bugs, flies, cockroaches, insects represent in your subconscious mind…

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