How to Have Erotic Dreams?

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How To Have Erotic Dreams?

Dreaming of sex with strangers is a sign of a healthy libido and normal sexual arousal. Dream experts will confirm that having sex in a dream is not necessarily the same as having sex with someone you are attracted to in your waking life, which will inevitably eventually creep into your dreams. Moreover, even if people seem to dream of sex more often, this does not mean that you will have sex with the same person over and over again in your dream.

Having erotic dreams about having sex with someone in real life who is not your romantic partner could increase your attraction to them and satisfy that attraction.

W. Christopher Winter, MD, a certified sleep physician and neuroscientist at Charlottesville Neurology and author of Sleep Solutions, says sexual dreams are a reflection of what you think during the day and suppressed desires. Apart from the obvious benefits of sex dreams - such as being able to lie down without lifting a finger - this type of sex dream can help you relax, lower your stress levels and give you a feeling of calm when you wake up, says Jess OReilly, PhD, sexologist and author.

According to a study published in Dreaming, sleeping on your stomach with your arms behind your head may increase your chance of having sex dreams. Researchers found that people who slept with their arms behind their heads on their bellies were more likely to have sex dreams than people who chose different sleeping positions. The study says you can also increase your likelihood of having sex by sleeping in certain positions.

According to clinical psychologist and sleep expert Michael Breus, sexual dreams are normal and healthy. Lucid dreams about sex are the main reason why people learn to control their dreams.

If you practice clear-sighted dreaming, you will be able to encourage your subconscious mind to show you who your true love is and who is the best sexual partner for you. All you have to do is accept and love who you are with all your flaws and shortcomings. A sex dream can make sex not just about sex, but enjoy it. If you have lots of lucid dream sex, you can see what motivates the dream and find out how to get there.

One powerful approach is to use specially designed music to induce sexual dreams. Music and Relaxing, our Partner Channel at YouTube offers a broad collecition of music created to help you sleep, heal and relax; but they also feature music for lucid sex dreaming and inducit erotic drems.

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