Flying In Dream Spiritual Meaning

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Flying In Dream Spiritual Meaning

Flying is considered to be highly symbolic dreams, holding hidden messages that need to be discovered. In this sense, flying dreams may even be signs of you connecting to your higher spiritual nature. Flying on an airplane is a very positive symbol for dreams, and it brings you into the realm of controlling your next destination.

Dreaming about flying through life as a bird brings your focus back to your own personal freedom, and also being a free spirit. Often, dreams of flying indicate an inner quest for freedom since it is hard to escape from mundane things in todays world.

Dreams about flying convey a lot of important messages that symbolise a positive, preferred change in your life, a release from problems and troubles, feeling a sense of power, and independence. To summarize, dreams of flying have positive meanings reflecting independence, freedom of choice, self-control, a strong determination, and a willingness.

Dreams about flying toward the heavens also symbolise a wish to achieve success and prosperity in life. Seeing oneself flying toward the sky in dreams indicates one is seeking freedom and independence in life. Dreams of flying towards the heavens show you taking initiative in improving your life, breaking free of whatever is not welcome. Such a dream will carry a positive message, should you fly in order to be released from something unwelcome, or to feel relief.

The meaning of flying in dreams more commonly represents our wish to love and to get over obstacles. Dreams about flying are also a symbol of ones suppressed desires, peculiar thought patterns, drive for conquest, or thirst for success in life. Flying dreams frequently explore ideas around freedom coupled with mastery, of a higher self being integrated completely within a total self, and carry ideas from a spiritual mind plane into the physical/material plane. Flying dreams are most often associated with sexual experiences, powerful spiritual experiences, involvement with ones passions, such as hobbies or art.

Flying dreams are also associated with astral projection, in which the dreamer experiences a higher spiritual vibration which allows for confident flying alone. Like dreams of crashing airplanes, flying dreams may hold both positive and negative significance depending on the circumstances of ones life during waking hours. Usually, flying dreams are described as positive, exciting experiences, but if you experience fear when flying, then this suggests you are scared about new challenges and about success.

When you are dreaming about flying and getting stuck on the wire, this means feeling trapped and caught up in the problems in your life as it is being awakened, and escaping seems to be hard. Whenever you see dreams about flying, it means that you had a break in your waking life, in which you have successfully fled from the problem. If you are dreaming of flying on an airplane or other means, it means that soon you are going to get some bad news which may influence the future of your life.

If you dream of flying by birds-eye view, it means you wish to find a proper outlook of your fate, or wish to come up with a plan for escaping from a tough situation. If you dream of flying in a hot air balloon, it shows your soul is liberated and looking for new emotions. When you awaken from a flying dream, and feel this sense of joy and freedom, your dreams significance is you are experiencing joyous strength in your life.

Flying dreams may symbolize a sense of a newfound freedom and exhilaration in how your life is unraveling in an unexpected and exciting direction. From a positive standpoint, flying is always about freedom in dreams. Many people might have dreams of flying where you can flee people, places, or events that put you under stress, and experience a feeling of freedom. As described earlier, flying as a bird or as Superman could be a dream about freedom -- or it could be a dream about escaping.

On a certain level, dreaming about flying can express your wish for freedom, and at the same time, it can provide you with vivid experiences of how this freedom feels, without the difficult consequences of abandoning the promise. Freedom is an aspect of a flying dream that holds a particular appeal, but a flying dream usually means much more than this. Even the most straightforward Flying Dream may hold a deep feeling of sacredness, as though, in becoming more of a spirit in the world of dreams, we are connecting more deeply to our spiritual sources.

When you are dreaming about flying, and you feel great, it may be an image that somehow you are approaching high altitude, that is, your spirit is flourishing, and -- some would say -- you are getting closer to your god. If your dream-self feels anxious, not being able to enjoy the sensation of flying, something less positive might be going on. Flying into the cosmos in dreams also indicates that you are constantly consumed by fantasies and unrealistic goals, for which you lack any kind of productivity in life.

The outer space also indicates moving away from reality, hence flying means fleeing from and avoidance of the problems in real life. Usually, these kinds of dreams are positive and indicate you are moving on with your real life. In this dream, your destination is in your control, and you are easily reaching it, armed with courage and certainty, meaning you are also capable of achieving your goals successfully in reality. A dream like this means that you took a huge leap forward in giving yourself the life that you deserve.

You might even get to direct people, surroundings, or storytelling in these types of dreams. You are the master of your dreams, whether they are calming, troubling, or creatively thought-provoking. If you are feeling restricted and constrained in your life, dreams are a positive sign indicating you will soon be given the freedom and independence that you have been craving for your entire life. Dreaming of flying also means to escape and ignore the stresses of your real-life, to get some relief by taking flight; it is symbolic of getting away from things.

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