Dreams about God, Jesus and the Bible

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Dreams, God, Jesus And The Bible (Dreams In Catholic Church)

The meaning of the divine messages transmitted in dreams is an obvious and unmistakable fact known on the plane and revealed by the Deity himself in the service of the messengers. The adjacent religious vision of dreams, which she sees as an expression of God's will, exists alongside the superstitious view that dreams are seen as omens. It is believed that the power of God manifests itself in natural effects such as thunderstorms and earthquakes, the messages of which are to be written as signs of heaven, which are sent to people through dreams in their communication.

In the Old Testament, Joseph interprets his dreams in the Book of Daniel as slaves in Egypt and his many dreams and visions reveal Israel's future. We have the example of Joseph's stepfather Jesus, who interpreted dreams in Genesis 40-41. In Genesis 41 Joseph is taken out of the dungeon and seen by Pharaoh and his chief butler, who knew that Joseph had a gift for the interpretation of dreams.

The Catholic Church believes, approves and remembers that dreams come from God, have no connection to the Bible or Christian tradition, and are taught by the authority of the Church. The Church acknowledges the fact that dreams are described in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, but in general Catholics are prohibited to believe in dreams, to live in their own lives, or to give advice to others. AKA the dreamer and prophet Daniel in the case Joseph gave authoritative interpretations of the dreams of King Nebuchadnezzar, he was inspired by the Holy Spirit and was a true prophet of God.

When you see a dream in which you do something wrong, it is never about God; it is about doing something that is in danger of being done in real life, and God convicts or warns you. If you are not sure what this dream is all about, God could put you in a situation where it will help you to do the right thing. You can pray about the dream and the Holy Spirit will give you an understanding of it and ask you to reject it.

A dream or vision is an appearance or physical manifestation of a spiritual object that has no actual appearance. According to the Bible, visions occur when a man is awake and dreams when he sleeps.

Psychologists tell us that we dream of processing the events of the day, and that it is the natural healing mechanism of our brain, similar to house cleaning, just as sleep enables the restoration of our physical body. It is when we dream that the gods are at work and that his message has the clearest effect on us (Dan 7: num 12).

For example, it has been shown that the Catholic Church accepts that God uses dreams to transmit His message and that the message is biblical (remember that the Bible comes from the church). In this case, we can say that your dream comes from God because it speaks of purgatory and the teachings of the Bible which is based on the Word of God ( Cor 3: 2, part 1). Dreams come from God in connection with the Holy Bible and Christian Tradition taught by the authority of the Church.

God never uses extra-biblical evidence in dreams to walk with the revealed Word. Dreams are a way that God uses to convey to believers the call of external faith in Jesus. We do not dream of claiming that God is speaking to us, but of using the dream as concrete proof that it is a message of God and is in accordance with what is taught in the Bible.

Prophecy is the prediction of the future through dreams, and it is legitimate to be certain that the dreams come from God. Our dreams are not divine intervention, but God offers us choices in our dreams. A human dream is a place to record what is revealed in the Bible, to see if it is God's message or God's will for us.

Father John Bartunek, a Legionary of Christ, told the Register that there are several considerations to be taken into account when considering whether a dream contains a message of God sometime in a spiritual life. Although God uses dreams in the Bible to communicate, St. Joseph himself received messages from God in four dreams in the Gospel of Matthew and God can do it again, he said. Bishop Niederauer said Catholic doctrine states that a deceased person can communicate with the living through dreams.

Augustine acknowledged that there is always the possibility of God speaking in dreams to a person and that dreams have psychological significance because they reflect the physiological and mental state of the dreamer. Dreams may have meaning, but I believe that God uses dreams to send messages to Christians, even if he sends them to someone who does not know who they are.

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