What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Washing Feet In A Dream

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What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Washing Feet In A Dream (Dream Meanings And Dream Interpretations)

In the dream, you are washing the feet of someone from the opposite gender -- leading up to meeting your mate of soul, or starting a new love affair. To dream that you are washing the feet, indicates you are going to allow others to take advantage of you. To dream of washing your feet, suggests you must watch out for others who might try to take you for granted. It is also believed that washing your feet in the dream is a telltale sign that you are going to have to settle things with someone in real life due to some nasty rumors or hurtful gossip.

Dreaming of washing your dirty feet means there is some serious disturbance, sickness, or problem. For Christians, a wash-footed dream is a sign of forgiveness, but can also mean you are keeping a safe distance from your current problems, and you will come back to them when you feel more capable of dealing with them. Washing feet, whether they are yours or others, is a dream that represents humility and forgiveness. Washing somebodys feet suggests that you are humble or in a state of service to this individual.

If someone is washing or massaging your feet, it suggests they have a level of respect they hold for you in this life. To see the feet of another in a dream represents the respect you feel for that individual. Sometimes, your dreams may show you an admiration for someone, as well as your respect.

Your dreams are an indication of potentials and possibilities life has in store. A dream can perhaps be a warning of some of the poor choices that you are making regarding your future, and a need for re-evaluation. Your dreams are an expression of your wish to escape temporarily from the demands of life. Your dream is a foreshadowing to cooperate in pursuit of common goals.

One of the spiritual meanings of these dreams is about being capable of fulfilling your obligations and sacred promises. This dream may also represent your stability, independence, mobility, and freedom. This dream may also be a message of becoming more responsible, or it may be an indication of your accountability.

Seeing just feet being pursued in a dream suggests that you are letting others dictate where you go or dictate your goals. If you can see only the feet being chased, you might be letting others dictate your life. If you are daydreaming about the feet of others, then you are too focused on where others around you are going, and you are neglecting your own journey.

Seeing feet in animals in your dreams indicates that you must look at the bigger picture of life. To make sense of this dream at a deeper level, you must focus on a common explanation for both feet and legs, representing feeling somewhat anxious about life. Also, seeing feet in a dream tells us of an end of process.

Explanation for the Dream about Foot: If a person sees one of their feet turned into a stone, that means they are going to lose their usage. If in a dream, one of his feet is both amputated, it means he will be losing all of his wealth, or may soon die. If he sees himself performing some sickening sexual acts using the legs in the dream, it means he will be engaged in some illegal sexual activity. If one sees his feet painted and tattooed in a dream, it means that he will be trying to solve a marital issue.

To dream that a person is washing their feet indicates that the dreamer will switch their work direction and take on more fruitful endeavors. To dream of washing ones face and/or hands in a washing bowl signifies that the dreamer will become consumed by a passion for the person closest to them/herself. Dreaming about washing ones hair suggests you are thinking of changing how you feel about or how you present yourself to others; if one is washing ones vagina or penis, this could indicate one is dealing with the results of a pent-up sexuality, while if one is washing ones hands, you might be trying to let go of feelings for something that one has done or is involved in.

Then having repeated dreams about washing clothes in water means that you have a deep self-examination to make: of your relationships with people, of how you eat, of other fun things. Dreaming of somebody washing my feet is a sign that there is something in your life you are working through. Dream of someone washing your feet Dreaming of someone washing signals a path through your life and how you are going through it.

Dreaming about washing hands and feet usually indicates you are in control of your life, knowing exactly what actions you need to take to reach your goals. Sometimes, these dreams may suggest that you are willing and ready to start something new and creative. The feet of the dreams may reflect areas in your life where you believe it is important that you stay in them or that you sustain them for the long haul. A dream where your feet are the main, prominent details, even if they are the only parts of the dream that you end up remembering in the morning, is a sign that you are the current pillar of support in someones very close to your heart.

Dreaming about feet represents principles, moral groundings, or things that you hold to. To dream that you have cut your feet reflects the fact that you must live your principles. Washing the feet of a loved one in your dreams is to fully submit to them in real life. Washing the feet of another person in a dream - in reality, diminishing ones merit, raising the other in ones eyes, asking the loved ones assistance.

Sometimes, washing ones feet is interpreted by the dream-book compilers as a first release from a heavy weight of doubts over ones viability to solve any problem, or to undertake any pointless act. Dreaming that one is falling freely into the water indicates one is feeling flooded with emotions.

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