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Put the letters together and decode the dream to understand what your unconscious is trying to tell you.

Multiple letters in the dream world, whether you were sending them or receiving them, suggest you are in dire need of some sort of news. You may be waiting on an update for something you applied to or are trying to make decisions about your future without all the necessary information at hand. Whatever you are missing, it is unlikely you would learn the answers for some time. It may even be too late by the time you hear. This could cause some frustration and disappointment for you.

May represent someone's initials.

To dream with the letters of the alphabet being arranged in a random order is a sign that your life may be unstable and you need to take action to bring stability into your life.

Dreaming about noticing a tattoo on your body could be an indication that you could possess some natural gift or endowments which you might not be aware of. This dream is suggesting to take a closer look at your hidden abilities or talents and uncover your potential. This is especially true because you have mentioned that this is a recurring dream. The notion of your husband suggesting to remove the tattoo means he might be knowingly or inadvertently suppressing or inhibiting you when you try to express or develop these talents or predispositions.

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May suggest it's time to recount some numbers.

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