Vortex Dream Meaning

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Vortex Dream Meaning (What Does It Mean To Dream About Vortex? Vortex Dream Interpretation)

When Morpheus slays the dream vortex, he will spill his own blood, condemning himself. Morpheus had already failed in his duties, and had failed to destroy the dream vortex fast enough, which had caused the entire universe to fall. In the guise of helping Rose Walker locate her estranged brother via dreams, Lord Morpheus used Roses Vortex powers to draw out other dreams in order to locate the missing Grand Arcana.

While the Vortex of Sleep threatens to destroy dreams if left unchecked, Roses powers are not yet comparable to those of Lord Morpheus, the Dreamer of Endless Night. Dreaming the vortex, it may draw you down to water, and may also break things you have inside of your hearts. A swirling current or whirlpool seen in the dream indicates you may be facing difficult and challenging decisions in the future.

If you are going into the deep waters of a dream, this can indicate that you might be thinking of having children. If you are dreaming about the deep water well, this may indicate that other people might criticize you sometimes. If the water is calm, it is a positive dream, if there is turbulence of the deep water, it may indicate that there are emotional problems in your life, and you might be having trouble accomplishing things that you need in your life.

Conversely, dreaming about deep water, whether it is sea or ocean, may suggest emotions can go haywire. Muddy waters are frequently present in dreams where we need to catch up on ourselves and figure out what we need out of life. If you are dreaming about swirling waters, perhaps over the ocean, a lake, or a river, it may be an indication that different events are currently impacting your life.

To be swimming in a deep river in your dream indicates you need more direction in life. In the dream, you felt like your body was caught in a vortex, this reminded you that you had an evil presence surrounding you, that could impact your life. Dreams in which you feel that your spinning, or are in a whirlpool, usually indicate that you are going to lose something very soon (so I have heard).

If you have been swimming around a rock quarry during a dream, that may be an indication, in terms of dream psychology, that you are focused on deeper emotions in your life. My explanation for this meaning in a dream comes from much study on deep waters and facts from a dream psychology perspective. The main focal point in Neil Gaimans The Sandman is adventure and mistakes, not to mention temper tantrums by his titular characters, also known as Morpheus, the Dream, Caickul, and so on, is the existence of a lethal Dream Vortex, threatening the existence of dreams themselves, and thus stealing the limelight.

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