Why Do We Keep Dreaming About Dead Family Members?

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Why Do We Keep Dreaming About Dead Family Members? Why Do We Keep Seeing People From The Past In Our Dreams?

Dreaming of a deceased relative may have psychological or spiritual hints depending on the situation. Dreaming about the deceased person can be very disturbing, especially if the deceased person is your loved one. When a deceased relative visits you in a dream, it looks very creepy and supernatural. For normal dreams, dreaming of a dead relative, friend or acquaintance means that you miss this person very much, which is completely natural.

The deceased also often appear in dreams of visits that convey comfort, love, and joy. Confidence can be either that the deceased is healthy, or that the person who is dreaming will also be fine. Dreams of visiting the deceased are often accompanied by messages that are important to the dreamer.

They can share wisdom, life experience, reminders (warnings), or other useful suggestions. In many cases, the deceased will appear in the dream of visiting, through telepathy and/or symbolic rather than verbal communication. Usually, when the deceased appears in a dating dream, he will not be in a state of illness, weakness or discomfort.

But most interpretations regarding the appearance in a dream of deceased relatives (especially parents) indicate a warning of trouble. Sometimes dreams in which the sleeper communicates with his deceased parents help to find peace of mind, trust, and even affect the success in business and the well-being of the family. It is also believed that it is impossible to influence the dreams in which we see our deceased loved ones. There is no scientific evidence for the existence of heaven, hell, or an afterlife; only when you personally experience the visit of a loved one in a dream will you know that the dead can visit us in a dream.

Sometimes, a person may try to meet a deceased relative, but never stop visiting him in a dream. Others may not want to be visited by the other person and often dream about their deceased relatives. When your loved one dies, you may experience different stages and types of pain, which will lead you to realize these dreams.

If you dream that you are talking to a dead person, such a dream may indicate that someone around you, for example, your relative or friend is ready to ask you for advice on some difficulties and fears they may need to resolve at the moment. Experience in life. Dreaming of a dead person, or dreaming of a deceased relative, may indicate that the spirit of premature death is hovering around you. Sometimes in a dream you can see your deceased relative alive, whether it is your father, mother or friend, maybe they interact with you in the dream and live daily life with you. A dream can also be a way that you simply recall the strengths of this person or we unconsciously express our love/pain for this person.

Whatever the reason for these dreams, know that you generally don't need to be afraid of them. Sometimes a bereaved person may feel unhappy when they have such dreams.

Often times, a dream about a person who has died may simply be a dream of liberation in which your feelings for that person come to your conscious awareness. If this person has recently passed away and you are in pain, perhaps dreaming about them will help you cope with the pain. Before going to bed, think about the person you lost.

When you are in REM sleep, a dead person knocks on the door of your subconscious, which indicates that you are likely to miss them and feel lonely in your life. If you dream of a friend or relative who has passed away, it may mean that you miss this person very much. Dreaming about relatives also implies that there are things in life that you don't know.

If you see your beloved dead in a dream, it means that you are worried about his well-being, worried about his health and want to take him out of his depression, returning him to happiness.

Also, dreaming about a dead friend can mean that the friend feels closer to you and not to a family member. On the other hand, psychologists and pain counselors view these dreams, in which your deceased loved ones communicate with you, as confirmation of the person's pain, but not necessarily as messages from the other side. The psychological community views these dreams as more of a coping mechanism that the mind produces to help cope with the pain and grief associated with pain. On the other hand, psychologists believe that the reason you dream of a deceased friend or family member is simply a manifestation of guilt or depression.

If you dream of a loved one who has passed away, you are more likely to cry for loved ones and will cry. Psychological reasons may include feelings of guilt or regret not spending time with a loved one before their death, or some anxiety about that family member. disappeared. These feelings and memories will be stored in your subconscious and can continue to be embodied in a dream in which you see your deceased relative, friend or acquaintance. If in a dream a dead person comes back to life, this may mean that something lost (money, thing, or even social status) will soon return. According to the Chinese, the sleep of the deceased means the protection and care of a kind and loving spirit.

In addition to feeling vividly that the dream was “real,” one can also experience love, joy, relief, sadness, or reflection. Aside from the obvious sign that you miss the person you have lost, having a visit can likely indicate that the person is trying to send a message from the grave.

Over the years, many theories and reference materials have shown that the spiritual world and the dream world may be related. Wiccans [at least some people] believe that when you see someone dying in your dream, you are actually communicating with them in time and space. In some Christian dream books, there is a feeling that seeing the dead in the dream means that one has not found eternal peace.

Unlike dreaming with a smile, in which you cannot acknowledge his death, hugging a dead person in a dream means that you still want him to be by your side. Seeing a dead person in a dream and talking to him means that others love you. It also means that there is always a supportive and loving person who is always there to take care of you. A dreamed deceased grandmother means that you love and miss their presence terribly.

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