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To dream about A birds tail explained:

May symbolize someone or something that follows behind.

When you dream of growing a tail, it indicates that there is something or someone from your past that you are still hanging on to. It could also mean that someone is following you, you are being “tailed.” On the other hand, if you see the tail of an animal in your dream it refers to emotions attached to a situation or person. If the tail is wagging then it denotes joy, while it it is between legs then it signifies fright or shame.

Dreams about birds may represent your hopes, goals and aspirations. Are they flying too high?

Dreaming of birds can mean a whole bunch of things. You may want to break it down into detail to better understand the true meaning of what the dream means. Bird dreams all vary on the color, size, mass and your feeling in the dream. Usually when we see birds in our dreams mean breaking away and being free. You are at a point of your life where your able to make positive changes and not reflect on the past. A flock of birds scoring over you donates total freedom. Remembering the color of the bird helps you to figure out more about yourself. If you see a “White Bird” it represents generosity and well being. When we see “Black Birds” usually means that you will hear good or bad news soon. If you follow a “Blue Bird” look to see where it is going because it will lead you to the right direction. Red Birds describes your heart and how open it is. Yellow birds can mean either cowardliness or joy depending the context of your dream.When we see hunting birds its a representation of our survival skills. When we see bird eggs, donates you will come into some cash pretty soon. If you see birds hatching represents your work has taken a couple of steps back.

The vision of dead birds in a dream symbolizes the triumph achieved from acing and defeating life's tough challenges and hardships. You would successfully win over these complications in a relatively short period of time, quicker than you ever imagined.

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A birds tail

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