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To dream about A bottomless glass explained:

If you dream of being surrounded or covered by glass then you are trying to defend yourself in a situation, sort of like putting up a glass wall. If you find the glass is not transparent and something seems to be hindering you from seeing clearly through the glass then your views about something are not clear. If you are looking through the glass it means you are trying to find a way to let someone in without being hurt. Alternatively, you know the saying sometime we put up a wall to see who would climb over it?

May symbolize the need for pleasure, joy, happiness and fun.

Broken glass is often thought to represent broken trust or the threat of treachery. However, the interpretation of this vision depends highly on the reason the glass broke. For example, if your actions directly caused the glass to shatter, it is possible you would either knowingly or unknowingly betray someone you are close to in reality. Alternatively, seeing someone else break the glass or only seeing the aftereffects could reveal the presence of someone who would stab you in the back when the price is right.

Drinking a glass of water in a dream is a good omen. It means that when a disaster or a calamity comes, you would be safe from harm. It could also refer to the accumulation of knowledge and experience. The notion that it keeps getting refilled after you drink from it alludes to the never-ending search for purpose and meaning. After all, your journey is characterized by continuous learning. In some instances, a drinking glass represents healing and rebirth. If you are in need of refreshment and rejuvenation, then the stars have aligned for you. Soon enough you would find plenty of time to re-energize and regain momentum in your quest for self-fulfillment.

May represent someone that is fragile or emotional.

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A bottomless glass

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