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To dream about A bridge collapsing explained:

Bridges in your dreams are an important symbol that you should not ignore. Dreaming of Bridges let us know that your are in a important transitional period in your life right now. This move that you are going to make will benefit you in every aspect of your life. When you are on a bridge and cross over to the other side, represents that you have already made up your mind. Do you remember who is on the bridge with you? This would suggest that you need to bridge the gap between that person. If you see a bridge crumble in front of you donates that you are blocking yourself in from others.

Dreams involving a bridge under construction are fairly positive in nature, signifying prosperity and happiness in your life. The closer the bridge was to completion, the more joy and sense of accomplishment it is likely to bring to your life. You may be able to relax and enjoy the fruit of your labor for some time to come, basking in both your personal achievement and the admiration of others.

Trying to walk across a small bridge, such as one placed over a small creek or pond, represents the difficulty you have bridging the gap between you and another individual in your social group. The problem may arise from your lack of desire to listen to other people's opinions or your unwillingness to deal with the petty small-talk initiated by others. However, your inability to get along with this one man or woman may negatively affect the whole group, meaning you may want to reevaluate your feelings and actions toward this person.

Seeing a door that you were trying to pass through collapse before your very eyes is a highly troubling symbol to perceive in a dream vision, particularly if the destruction injures you or someone else in the process. This image could reveal that someone you care deeply about is in great danger. This could be due to a freak, unexplainable accident or the result of careful planning by an evil individual lurking in the shadows.

Visions of a strong, sturdy stone bridge are auspicious symbols usually indicative of making positive changes in your life with the guidance and support of someone steadfast and encouraging. Not only can you increase your self-esteem and build skills which could have a lasting effect on your day-to-day proceedings, but you can also receive the qualities your mentor has through imitation and learning.

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A bridge collapsing

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