A business going bankrupt Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about A business going bankrupt explained:

May represent a desire to leave or escape.

Where did all my money go? Bankrupt dreams can make you feel awful. People who dream of being bankrupt have concerns about their money management. You may want to save and be careful with your money in your account. Others who dream of being bankrupt represents the persons emotions state. Are you feeling overworked in life? You might want to take it easy and slow down.

Dreaming about owning a business could be a reflection of your current preoccupation with success. You could currently be involved in and worried about the success, accomplishment or completion of some project, plan or activity. This endeavor would bear some transactional, economic or exchange character to it. You are most likely wanting to find permanent solutions. This dream could also predict your ability to remain diligent, focused and dedicated to your occupations. This would be the basis and possible cause of your upcoming success.

Seeing a bank in the process of losing all its business is a highly ominous sign in regards to your own finances. Specifically, it predicts serious monetary losses, especially for business endeavors and projects which you have invested or planning on putting money in. You may want to get out while you are ahead of the game, if things have not turned completely south yet.

Experiencing a dream when you see one of your close friends going away or leaving you predicts that you will be able to achieve things in life only by taking a risk of losing some of your dear and close friends.

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A business going bankrupt

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