A cellar full of cats Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about A cellar full of cats explained:

Cats in a dream may represent different things and will depend on your associations to cats in waking life. The type of cat, where it is and what it is doing should also be considered.

Have you had enough food? If you have satisfied your stomach in your dream then this means you have accomplished all that you wanted in life and you are content with things at this point. IF your meal does not full you then you need more things in your life, you are never satisfied with what you have. You always crave further. On the other hand if it has nothing to do with you being full but rather something being full and you see a container or jar full then it means you do not need anything else, you may be overdoing it. You are perfect just the way you are, be confident in yourself and stop thinking you need to change things!

A basement is generally considered to represent the unconscious and the Shadow.

Dreaming about observing a full moon indicates success at its height in a business or romantic relationship. If you wholly or partly own a business, it is currently or would soon register the fastest growth it could have recorded so far. If you are currently in a relationship, the happiness you are experiencing right now is just the beginning of something even more fulfilling if you take the relationship to the next level. Young women who have had this dream might soon get the surprise of their lives in the form of a marriage proposal.

To dream of having a house full of relatives, friends, or guests is a sign that you will be able to attract a lot of financial fortune and an abundance of assets and resources for yourself and your family.

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  6. Cats behind a door - The small white door represents what your emotional state allows into your life. In a sense, it is the barrier between you and the world beyond. As such, when you open the door you put yourself in con... Learn More!
  7. A cellar full of cats - Going down into a friend's cellar can be interpreted as a metaphor for delving deep into the psyche of your friend. In a sense, your subconscious is rooting around your memories and past interactions ... Learn More!
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  10. Full and white breast - A full and white breast in dreams is a positive dream symbol associated with romance. You would find happiness and luck in romantic prospects or your current partner. Suddenly, things would run smooth... Learn More!

A cellar full of cats

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