A child picking flowers Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about A child picking flowers explained:

May represent choices and decisions to make.

Dreams which center around the image of red flowers can have multiple interpretations, depending on where you are in your life. Red flowers are sometimes associated with success in relationships, meaning that a current partnership could lead to marriage in the future. Additionally, they can indicate success in business ventures as well, suggesting improvements in your work situation or making big profits. While this sign has positive connotations in these situations, if you are currently suffering from some illness or health problems, seeing red flowers in a dream could predict further complications which may end in death.

Dreaming of seeing or taking care of an ailing child is an ominous sign. It portends that one of your close relatives could die in the near future. One may want to make peace with anyone close who is presently ill or injured.

Seeing blue flowers in a dream vision, whether they are in a vase inside a room or growing freely in a garden, is often considered the manifestation of deep spiritual ability and a talent for explaining and connecting with the other side. You may also have a more romantic, idealistic personality, avoiding hard scientific facts or pragmatic situations.

Seeing aster flowers in your dream tells something about your personality and nature. It shows that you are a very simple and humble person who also loves romance.

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A child picking flowers

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