A cockroach in your food

A cockroach in your food Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May represent nourishment for the body, soul, or spirit.

To dream of food represents your mind and feelings depending on the food. Generally fruit means physical while frozen food indicates your heartless ways. Depending on your attitude towards the food, you can tell what is going on. If you are enjoying the food you are eating then you are happy with the world and the bodily image society has. If you feel guilty about consuming food then you are not satisfying your body. If you cannot have the food you want then it represents a person that you are attracted to but for some reason you cannot develop an intimate relationship with them. If you do not want to eat the food in front of you then you have reached a good place in life, the world looks perfect to you. If the food is gone bad then so has something in your life. Otherwise, it could have just been a disappointing experience because you thought it would have been something better.

May symbolize neglecting your physical or emotional needs.

To dream of eating fast food represents your lack of care with your body. It could be that you are not giving yourself the chance to indulge a bit because of your fear of becoming fat or that you have been over indulging and your body is suffering from it.

Seeing yourself buying food in your dream is a good sign for poor people in hopes of getting better off, it can be a bad sign of loss for rich and wealthy people having the same dream.

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