Feeling lonely at a reception Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Feeling lonely at a reception explained:

Feeling alone in a dream means the opposite in reality. It means you are surrounded by good friends and family who would be there through your ups and downs. It is a rare thing to have people in your life whom you can trust completely. As such, this dream symbol represents your luck in finding genuine friends and loved ones. Instead of feeling alone as in the dream you had, you would never have to experience this kind of loneliness, so try to take care of the real friends you have.

Dreaming about a fancy and jet set kind of a reception is symbolic of your desire to climb the social ladder and rub shoulders with the elite. It is indicative of the fact that you are working hard to improve your social standing and would continue to do so until you achieve your goals.

Having a dream about seeing or encountering a lonely little girl, such as an orphan, or a lost or abandoned child, often portends losses. It is possible that someone is about to leave for some distant place, with little chance of ever returning home. This someone would be one of your close relationships, or some close friend of theirs. They would leave taking along their whole family. These would be the cause of some grief.

May suggest a period of isolation.

A dream in which you see yourself attending a reception with a lot of people around you could signify that you are about to visit someone who could be seriously ill or it could also mean that you are about to be involved in petty talks and trivial issues which are basically the result of meaningless rumors and gossip.

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