A reception with costumes Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about A reception with costumes explained:

Dreaming about a fancy and jet set kind of a reception is symbolic of your desire to climb the social ladder and rub shoulders with the elite. It is indicative of the fact that you are working hard to improve your social standing and would continue to do so until you achieve your goals.

Dreaming about a reception where you see people in a masquerade or, for example, a costume party during Halloween is indicative of the fact that you are easily distracted by things which provide you with little or no fulfillment. Instead, try and focus on working towards goals which will bring you true happiness and satisfaction.

A dream in which you see yourself attending a reception with a lot of people around you could signify that you are about to visit someone who could be seriously ill or it could also mean that you are about to be involved in petty talks and trivial issues which are basically the result of meaningless rumors and gossip.

A dream about a reception which is overcrowded and bustling with too many people could signify that you are about to get involved in undertakings which will yield no productive results and most of your efforts to get a positive outcome will be in vain. They will only consume a lot of your time and have no real benefits.

Dreaming about attending a big feast or a banquet with large tables as part of a reception can be indicative of an invitation to a wedding or engagement ceremony which you are about to receive. You may soon be hearing good news about close friends or relatives who are about to tie the knot.

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