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To dream about A deer with antlers explained:

A deer is a very gentle creature and to dream of one would mean you should pay more attention to your environment. You may be chasing a deer in your dream to escape the hostilities of humanity and get in touch closely with the natural beauty of nature in reality. A deer also is very feminine and could mean your emotions as a woman such as sensitivity. Communicating with a deer in your dream could bring out these emotions or if your replace the second “e” represent your feelings towards someone “dear” to you. When you dream of a black deer it means that you are not trying to hinder or shun your feminine qualities. If you feel guilty about shooting a deer it could represent someone you’ve taken advantage of or even your feelings of vulnerability. Now, dreaming of running over a deer with a car means you have a big obstruction ahead. Deformity: Deformity of yourself in a dream represents your thoughts of yourself not being normal or a part of you which you think looks different to everyone else. However deformity of someone symbolizes what you’ve chosen to ignore in yourself that is hindering your performance in life.

A dream in which you cross paths with a deer fawn could be foretelling new acquaintances in the upcoming future regardless of whether you have seen the animal in your vision at a zoo, in the heart of a forest or otherwise. It is likely that these new people in your life would eventually become your close friends and loyal companions whom you would always be able to rely and depend on, should the need arise. Alternatively, if you happen to be a young person, know that a similar vision could be foretelling the start of a pure and committed relationship in the upcoming future. As a rule, this potential alliance is interpreted as rather platonic than passionate and romantic, but it is impossible to predict its subsequent development in the future.

A dream in which you envision a young deer bears certain peculiarities in interpretation for young men and pregnant women. If you happen to belong to the former group, consider this vision to be a warning and a recommendation to adopt a more considerate and straightforward attitude in regards to the promises you make to other people. Remember that such commitments could be misleading if not formulated clearly, making others believe you would be able to do much more than you actually could or want to do. Alternatively, if you happen to be a pregnant woman, consider this sign to be a positive omen foretelling a smooth and uncomplicated delivery.

Envisioning in a dream the image of a moving deer, be it one running through the forest or jumping around on a sunny meadow, is a positive symbol as it represents your skillful ability to defuse and solve any kind of argument you may happen to witness. Additionally, it could be indicating that you successfully finish all projects and plans that you initiate mostly by relying on your own personality traits and talents, without resorting to external help. Although it is very likely that you have a kind and generous spirit, it seems that you seldom entrust important tasks to other people and usually prefer to do everything yourself just to be sure of the final result.

A dream vision in which you happen to kill a deer either intentionally, for example, throughout hunting or unintentionally, such as by running over the animal with your car at night, is an unfavorable sign. It speaks that your rivals, competitors or ill-wishers could be developing a cunning plan to harm and humiliate you. It is likely that your adversaries would be extremely passionate about their cause or goal and resolved to do whatever it takes to bring you down and stain your image in the minds of other people. Keep in mind that it is impossible to predict neither the potential scenario of their mischief nor its impact on your life, so it is recommended to stay alert at all times.

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