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If you are a man, dreaming of a demon could be a vision signifying your burning desire to become more powerful and influential, especially if you have been feeling weak or lacking self-confidence lately. The motivation behind such a will and its subsequent manifestation in your dream can differ greatly depending on what aspects of your life are currently bothering you the most. For example, if you are not in a relationship, you could be longing to be more persuasive and attractive to women. If you are worried about your work, such a dream could be reflecting your wish and determination to improve your career, maybe even turn the tables and be among the top authorities in your niche rather than playing the role of a mere subordinate.

Dreaming of yourself being pursued by a demonic entity or even a group of demons, regardless of the outcome of this chase, could be a vision reflecting your inner disquiet and concerns related to a certain endeavor or project that you deem wrongful or illegal, yet may have joined either willingly or not. Alternatively, such a vision could be a symbol of your worries about being late in successfully finishing a certain project, duty or task, for example, a specific job with a strict deadline, preparing for an important exam or even just arriving at your office on time.

A dream in which you happen to see a demon in a body of water such as a sea, a lake, a river or even a puddle, is believed to be an ill and ominous vision. It is likely that in the upcoming future you could become the witness of an abominable crime or a dreadful accident that would happen in close proximity to you. Although it is impossible to predict any specific details of the approaching tragedy, it would probably involve someone either dying or being severely mutilated as a result of this occurrence. Keep in mind that this interpretation remains valid for any other possible combination of a demonic being and water, for example, the creature could be drinking water from a cup or being soaked after a rain.

If you are a woman who is currently in a romantic relationship, regardless of whether it has already resulted in a marriage or not yet, envisioning a demon in a dream is usually interpreted as a reflection of the mood and interactions governing the said alliance. It could be that some of the strongest emotions you feel towards your partner in love include intimidation and fear, as well as a vast uncertainty. The listed feelings could be following you incessantly, not vanishing even during episodes of physical intimacy with your partner. Another side of such a relationship could be that you are obedient and submissive, doing everything that your partner in love commands regardless of how much disapproval and disagreement you feel towards these actions.

If a demon happens to strike you as an important part of your dream, know that this symbol is traditionally interpreted as an ill and alarming omen. It could speak of the presence of a powerful and hostile external source of negativity and deterioration in your life. This force or factor could be an exceptionally complicated person, a work you hate, a home that does not feel like one or any other thing that regularly spreads anxiety and confusion through your otherwise calm and stable life. Such an interpretation could be especially true if the witnessed dream is a recurrent one.

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