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To dream about A dying raven explained:

May symbolize your own animal energy.

Seeing an old raven, such as one which is already weak and slow because of old age, is a harbinger of a major shift or change in your reality. This significant turning point would affect almost all aspects of your life or your overall disposition. Examples of this huge change may be a career change, moving to another place or meeting someone new. For young women who are dating or currently in a committed relationship, this means your constant bickering or personal differences could end in a breakup.

Envisioning the sudden, unexpected passing of your wife in a dream, even though it is expected to be symbolic of a tragedy, is actually interpreted with positive connotations. It predicts the opposite of what it was perceived as, namely that she would enjoy good health and have peace of mind. This means you can enjoy each other's love and company for a long time.

Dreaming about seeing a pig dying or in agony often is a symbol of unhappiness. You could soon go through a period filled with negative emotions and experiences such as sadness, despair, devastation and misery. This extremely negative situation could have its origins in some present circumstances. That is, your current situation could be about to have a negative and aggravating evolution.

A raven by itself is already a negative dream symbol, so a black raven in a vision is particularly ominous. The black raven could be embroidered on a piece of clothing or it could be a live one you spotted in a dream scenario outdoors. This means that someone in your family, a close friend or even your significant other could get a serious ailment. In worst case scenarios, it could be a life or death situation. On the other hand, if the raven is white, then whoever in your life is suffering from a disease may soon experience marked improvements in their overall health.

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A dying raven

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