A garden and commiting a murder

A garden and commiting a murder Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Death and murder may not be all that bad as a dream symbol but maybe a good one. If you where murdered maybe an old part of you has been killed and now its time for a new person. Depending the context it can change so we think you should come to our forum and post your death dream so it can be analyzed.

Are you planting in a garden, is it barren or fruitful? If you dream of a fruitful garden then whatever idea you have executed in your walking life is working well for you and you are going to go far with it. If you are planting something in a garden then you are either burying your past or ready to see if your plans would work out. If your garden is full of flowers this is symbolic of peace and love. If your garden is barren and full of weeds this represents your ignorance to your life and what has been happening around you. You are bringing yourself down.

To see a murder in your dream signifies a great deal of sadness because of some people’s malicious intentions or behavior you are about to face. You may also witness violence leading to someone's death.

To dream that you have committed a murder indicates participation in shameful things and discrediting your name because of them.

Depending on your dream you may not realize where you are. If you think about enough and realize that a snake or an apple is related to the Garden of Eden then this symbolizes your sexual desires. It could also mean that you are regretting decisions that you’ve made and you want to regain your innocence that was lost in your disobedience or poor decision making.

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