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To dream about A legless woman explained:

Specifically dreaming that someone has both of their legs in a dream, whether they have legs or are an amputee in reality, is a positive symbol associated with success, fortune and progress. In a sense, the presence of legs literally refers to moving forward with some aspect of life. However, the idea that this woman did not have her legs later in the dream could mean the halting of progress or some type of impediment to success. Even though you are picturing someone else in this state, it seems you may be the one suffering from a lack of progress recently, as having your hair braided points to sadness and distress. Perhaps you are not satisfied with your recent results or you are not improving as quickly as you have in the past. In any case, instead of worrying how quickly you are moving, focus on how far you have come and the happiness you would feel upon reaching your goals.

Meeting an old woman in your dream tells of problems or troubles coming your way. It can be due to old issues from your past that continue to hound you, and these have a negative outcome for your life at the moment.

Seeing a young woman in your dream is a symbol of romance. You are about to enter into a love relationship and this will be something very fulfilling for you. You will have a very fruitful love affair with the right person you are about to encounter.

Seeing a woman in your dream is a sign of malicious news. There will be rumors or gossip around you, which may or may not involve you.

Dreaming of a drowning woman or seeing an incident where a woman is drowning refers to something favorable that could happen in your life in the near future. Your efforts would finally pay off and the project or venture that you have been working hard on for years or a considerable amount of time would find its fruition. You will gain success on this endeavor and this will bring you the sense of fulfillment.

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