Rape for a woman

Rape for a woman Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Are you a rape victim? If so it is common for you to have dreams of being raped. You need to seek professional help or else the discomforting dreams would not stop. If you were raped in your dream it signifies that you feel hurt and used by the opposite sex. Someone in your life or something that reminds you of being taken advantage of is causing you to have these dreams. Your emotions and confidence are suffering because of this. If you witness a rape in your dream it suggests problems in intimacy in your waking life.

Meeting an old woman in your dream tells of problems or troubles coming your way. It can be due to old issues from your past that continue to hound you, and these have a negative outcome for your life at the moment.

If you are a woman and have had a dream of being raped could be an indication of the positive factors which will influence your life. Additionally, it could signify that all your aspirations and endeavors will be met with success.

A dream in which you see yourself glimpsing a rape must be considered a forewarning. It signifies that a close acquaintance might be incarcerated, wounded or burglarized. This person might need your assistance and encouragement.

Seeing a young woman in your dream is a symbol of romance. You are about to enter into a love relationship and this will be something very fulfilling for you. You will have a very fruitful love affair with the right person you are about to encounter.

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