A man for a male

A man for a male Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Specifically envisioning a male fox in the dream world can be interpreted as a sign that your current lover, relationship or romantic interest is not destined to amount to anything special. While you may have had high hopes for a future with this individual, you are likely wasting your time, money and energy prolonging the inevitable. You may even be making the separation process more difficult by waiting to break things off.

A dream in which you see yourself encountering a plump and stout man is an indication of the joyful times ahead of you. It signifies that you would have a great time which you would enjoy immensely in a company of your friends and acquaintances.

A male goat is symbolically associated with riches, prosperity and financial safety within your personal family unit. If you have struggled up until now, it is possible your situation would be alleviated. Watching a male goat be slaughtered for food or ritual is not, however, related to money. This second meaning predicts surrounding yourself with trustworthy friends and supporters while simultaneously being able to get rid of those who oppose, compete against or otherwise dislike you.

Seeing a male athlete in your dream is a sign of bad fortune especially for those who are in sales. It signifies not being able to meet your targets, or that a situation will arise that will give you difficulties.

Dreaming that you encounter or see yourself encountering a wealthy and affluent man is usually a positive sign. It may represent the possibility of seeing the people that surround you become happier and more successful. In turn, you yourself may end up rejoicing with their newly acquired prosperity and bliss.

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