A pigs head

A pigs head Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Seeing a head in your dream represents intuition and knowledge. If someone is trying to take your head of it suggests that you are not looking at things in the right way. Whatever problem is causing you trouble you should pay attention to the facts and truth and stop letting your vision be blurred. If you have two heads in your dream it means that you need to allow others to help you out. Sometimes others could help us better than we can help ourselves. Also two minds work quicker than one.

Dreaming about observing yourself inside a pigs’ sty often translates forthcoming quarrels and conflicts. This would be the meaning of the dream whether the sty was empty ot with pigs present. These arguments and disputes could occur between you and your romantic partner. Alternatively, the dream can symbolize excessive tiredness, stress and exhaustion. Such emotional state would be a consequence of existing duties and responsibilities.

Head lice or lice in your hair is generally a positive dream symbol that is often associated with wealth. The more head lice you find, the more money you would earn in reality. You could acquire lucrative financial assets thanks to well-connected friends or financial advisors. If you are working on a venture or a startup business, then you may receive a surprising source of funding which would be instrumental in your company's growth.

Dreaming about seeing several pigs together usually is a warning. It is possible that you could be about to gain an undesired infamous reputation. This fame would be the result of your own actions. That is, you could be about to adopt a wrong or inappropriate attitude or conduct, one which would cost you other people’s respect.

If you happen to see a dream which features yourself having a ridiculously small head, know that this vision is a reflection of your keenness to blame other people and external circumstances for your problems and all unfavorable developments in your life. Most likely, you harbor serious doubts about your personal traits, talents and skills, thus often dwell in pessimism. This dream is to be considered as a reassurance that your life could be significantly brighter and much more fulfilling if you gather the courage to assume a more determined attitude.

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