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To dream about A pig from afar explained:

This could be linked to the term “greedy like a pig” before? In today’s world pigs are referred to as dirty, greedy, stubborn. Do you possess these qualities in your life right now. If you do it might be time that you change your ways. The symbolism of pigs in ancient times where not considered bad but good. They where considered to be symbols of fertility, strength and abundance.

Dreaming about seeing a wild pig could bear negative connotations. Namely, you could be about to be hurt, degraded or humiliated by the behaviors of ill-intended individuals. That is, you could soon be the targeted by other people’s intentional disrespect and misconduct.

Dreaming about stumbling over a dead pig or of seeing a dead pig lying on the ground often is a negatively charged symbol. It could portend the appearance of problems and difficulties. You could have a hard time trying to resolve, surpass or overcome these obstacles.

May reflect derogatory feelings or attitudes about Italians.

Dreaming about seeing a pig dying or in agony often is a symbol of unhappiness. You could soon go through a period filled with negative emotions and experiences such as sadness, despair, devastation and misery. This extremely negative situation could have its origins in some present circumstances. That is, your current situation could be about to have a negative and aggravating evolution.

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