A pile of knives Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about A pile of knives explained:

May symbolize tapping into resources that will keep the fires burning in a current project, idea, goal, relationship.

Seeing knives that are placed in the shape of a cross is an ominous sign associated with experiencing or witnessing violence in wake life. Specifically, this vision carries the interpretation of observing murder, abuse, or the effects of war somewhere near where you live. You may need to find somewhere else to hide and wait out these events for your protection and the safety of those closest to you.

Having a dream where you run across or see a large pile of knives is often interpreted as a sign that someone else's words and actions have offended you in some way. This person's behavior has disappointed you because you thought better of them or they may have insulted you, causing some embarrassment or shame. The person who has hurt you is likely someone you are close to, like a family member or someone you interact with on a daily basis.

Seeing a pile of poop in your dream could tell of great and unexpected profit or wealth. It is possible that your businesses or activities suddenly and unexpectedly become tremendously profitable. Alternatively, your material possessions might become more valuable than expected. You might also earn considerable fortune by means of an inheritance or win a prize. For those who are artists or produce material work, they may become more well-known. Alternatively, the dream could speak of how happy and satisfied you are with what you have been doing with your life. You would see only merit and success and move forward effortlessly.

Looking at a pile of eggs in a dream symbolizes prosperity and happiness, and your willingness to share the blessings with others. By any standards, you would have a very fulfilling life marked by material abundance and the security and love of your family. Consequently, you would be glad to let your children and the children of those who are close to you share your joy. For example, you might provide for or contribute to their education to give them a good chance to be successful in their own right.

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