A pile of earth outside Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about A pile of earth outside explained:

When you dream that you are outside it denotes your ability to appreciate all that life has to offer. You are accepting and free to go out as you please. On the other hand the dream could mean that you are doing precisely the opposite and you need to go out and enjoy yourself more.

May symbolize tapping into resources that will keep the fires burning in a current project, idea, goal, relationship.

May suggest wholeness and global consciousness.

Looking at a pile of eggs in a dream symbolizes prosperity and happiness, and your willingness to share the blessings with others. By any standards, you would have a very fulfilling life marked by material abundance and the security and love of your family. Consequently, you would be glad to let your children and the children of those who are close to you share your joy. For example, you might provide for or contribute to their education to give them a good chance to be successful in their own right.

Seeing a pile of shit in your dream tells of amassing great profit or wealth. You might soon be earning big money, doing activities which you do not think would bring you much, probably through a hobby or being involved in events which are fortunate. This can also be a sign that you will receive this wealth through an inheritance.

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