A rat chewing through a dress Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about A rat chewing through a dress explained:

Having a rat trap in your dream is a warning. There could possibly be a a robbery or theft in your home, committed by someone you know. This can happen because of your inattentiveness or inability to secure your valuables. Now may be the best time to check if you have your belongings in a safe place.

Seeing a white rat in your dream means that people you meet or associate with sometimes, are not who they appear to be. Do not be deceived by what you see for they have a lifestyle that is far more different from yours. They may not be as admirable as you think they are.

Seeing a rat in your dream refers to having an unpleasant encounter with your neighbors or with people who live in your community. This confrontation could become physical and can possibly lead to a brawl or a fight. This vision can also mean you might have some disagreements with your business partners which will cause you some difficulty in your dealings.

Eating a rat or swallowing it is a very promising sign. It tells you that you will triumph over evil or danger that could arise in your life. Harm or bad things may come, but you will be able to overcome them so that you will continue to live peacefully.

Wearing a red dress within a dream, whether it is a simple day dress or an evening gown, predicts witnessing or participating in some important, momentous occasion. This may be a generally important date, such as a special party or holiday, or it may be something related to your life, like watching two friends get married or going through an event which may significantly change your life. Looking at another person wearing a red dress in a vision suggests that this person is experiencing some big changes in their life and that you should be a part of it.

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