A robot annihilating the world Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about A robot annihilating the world explained:

Dreaming of a robot symbolizes your way about doing things. You go through life as though you are programmed that way. You do not express emotions and are unable to feel any sentiment.

Seeing the onset of a world war in your dreams is a sign of you experiencing major changes in your life, or it could be a sign of you experiencing material or financial problems in the near future.

Dreaming about the end of the world can be a reflection of catastrophe and mayhem in reality. In a sense, this vision reflects the uncertainty and chaos present in your current lifestyle or the turn of events in your community. You may need to focus your efforts on small parts of the problem in order to cope with this situation and get a handle on your emotions.

Dreaming of an apocalypse or that the world is coming to an end may represent dealing with a major transition or life changing event. Your life, as you currently know it, is coming to an end. It’s not unusual to have apocalyptic dreams when transitioning from one stage of life into the next (adolescence to teenager, teenager to adult, going off to college, getting married or divorced, etc.)

May represent an internal conflict or emotional turmoil.

To see yourself as a superior, ruler, or king of the amphibian world who is highly respected and admired means you do not have a strong family network or any children. Or, it could mean you may have to experience some difficulties at work that will resolve themselves without any active input or energy wasted on your part.

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