A soft boiled egg

A soft boiled egg Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May represent fertility or pregnancy.

Boiling corn or eating corn that has been boiled is a symbol closely associated with pleasant dining experiences. Seeing this symbol in your dreams can predict being served delicious sweets and savory dishes when visiting friends and family. If you plan to spend time with a close friend or relative soon, you would likely enjoy your meals and the company very much.

Seeing or consuming boiled meat in a dream indicates the possibility of making money or gaining advantage over a business or relationship rival for monetary or personal gain. You are likely to make a substantial profit from your current project or business following a sudden increase in the number of customers patronizing your company or business enterprise. You may have used a better marketing and sales strategy than your competitors which resulted in the gradual shift in consumer loyalty. With regard to your romantic relationship, you may possess an extra asset that your rival may lack which would make you a better choice in the eyes of your potential mate.

A dream about seeing or holding small eggs symbolizes small favors or minuscule gains from a current undertaking. If you are employed, the salary is good but not enough to change your lifestyle the way you would want to. If you are in business, sales are okay but not substantial enough to make you an instant millionaire. If you are a parent, this dream vision also indicates that a child you have not seen for a long time would pay you a surprise visit, and you would be amazed at how fast this child has grown in your absence.

This vision can have two possible meanings depending on the context. In some cases, eating a boiled egg can portend a rough, uneven path on the way to success, meaning you could have trouble getting the results you want in the time frame you expected. This is especially true of business endeavors and romantic relationships. Because the egg came from your ex-husband's bed and was eaten without his knowledge, it could be a sign of wanting to start a new relationship and maybe have children without his knowledge.

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