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Having a dream about the Moon slowly fading before your very eyes is like asking for trouble in wake life. You might soon have a hard time dealing with someone from your own family, your circle of friends or your workplace. This person may have a strong personality like you do and would not be willing to go your way, and this could affect your immediate plans and goals. This episode in your life will serve as a test of your character and determine the kind of person that you are. If you are able to survive the challenge and succeed in changing this person's mind in your favor, you will succeed in virtually everything you would undertake or deal with in the future.

Having a dream about seeing an object that starts out as beautiful but slowly becomes dull and ugly is normally interpreted as a symbol that represents being insecure or having low self-esteem. In particular, this dream vision means that there are objects and people in your life that you truly value and care about. However, you worry that you are not strong, sure or brave enough to hold on and care for those people and things, and you are particularly fearful of some unrealistic, unlikely event that could cause the loss of all that you cherish. Seeing beauty fade from an object, therefore, does not point to any negative event occurring, it only shows the concern or doubts in your own heart.

Multiple letters in the dream world, whether you were sending them or receiving them, suggest you are in dire need of some sort of news. You may be waiting on an update for something you applied to or are trying to make decisions about your future without all the necessary information at hand. Whatever you are missing, it is unlikely you would learn the answers for some time. It may even be too late by the time you hear. This could cause some frustration and disappointment for you.

Dreaming of seeing a blinking or fading fire is a sign you will soon get to experience a new and challenging opportunity, or you will face a hardship that will require your immediate attention.

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A tatoo with fading letters

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