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Numbers are very significant in dreams especially the number 2. The symbolic meaning of number two is gentleness, balance,stern, equalization, and duality. The spiritual side of the number deals with exchanges made with others, partnerships both in harmony and enemy, and communication.

May symbolize balance.

Dreaming about two keys in particular, whether you are holding them or they are displayed on a table or hook, predicts that some situation you have been keeping an eye on may turn out drastically different than what you expected. You probably made a list of possible outcomes, at least subconsciously, but none of these eventualities is likely to be the actual result. However, this sign by itself does not indicate whether or not the outcome is beneficial or harmful to you.

If you happen to see a dead eagle in your dream, know that this vision can have diverse interpretations depending on your social and financial status. For example, if your material assets are scarce, this dream could be foretelling significant financial improvement coming your way. On the other hand, if you are wealthier than the average person, such a vision could be an ill omen indicating that you could lose part of your goods or money in the upcoming future. In both interpretations, however, the longevity and magnitude of said changes cannot be predicted.

A white eagle represents the reading of a will or the distribution of possessions after someone's passing. This is almost always related to physical objects, such as property, land, heirlooms and other valuable items. Whether or not you would personally benefit from this execution of the final will and testament is unclear based on this image alone.

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A two headed eagle

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