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To dream about A warning about liquid metal explained:

Any dream that show symbols of warnings this is something you need to pay attention too. Why where you warned and by who? This might be dream symbol you want to investigate because this could be a serious message.

Envisioning coins made of metals other than silver and gold, such as copper, steel, and so on, is an ill omen associated with disaster when traveling or when away from the safety of your home. Metal coins usually represent a sign of physical danger, such as a shipwreck, plane crash or vehicle breakdown while traveling.

To dream of a metal box when you feel lonely or abandoned at the moment, such that when you clean your garage you see a metal box at the far corner of the room which seems to beckon you to open it, could signify some positive changes in your life. This could be finding supportive people around you who would bring joy and satisfaction into your waking life when you thought there are none. The dream may be telling you that there are plenty of people who care for you if only you take the time to look around.

A dream in which you see some kind of fluid on your feet, regardless of whether it was plain water, juice, blood or any other liquid, is usually interpreted as an ominous and fearsome sign. If you have been dealing with certain health issues in waking life when you had this dream, be aware that the dream vision could be portentous of a lethal outcome of the disease as a result of its complications. In a similar way, if you have been taking care of someone battling a disease and then saw a dream in which this person had liquid on his or her feet, be prepared for the worst case scenario.

When we dream of a metal detector means that we are searching for something. You are using the right tools to find out more about yourself. This is just the beginning to great things to come. If you lost something in your dream and use a metal detector to find it, means that you have lost something valuable and want it back.

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