Aggressive or agitated crowd of people

Aggressive or agitated crowd of people Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May represent your supporters, or feeling supported.

Envisioning your pets in a state of agitation or anxiousness could be the manifestation of your own concerns regarding roadblocks or obstacles in reality. Even though you would be close to getting rid of those impediments, their mere presence is enough to raise your hackles, represented by the aggressive or agitated demeanor of your pet. Until you are completely able to remove or get around what stands in your path to success, you would likely continue to feel tense and on the edge of your seat.

A dream in which you see yourself confronting an agitated or roused tiger can be considered as a symbol of unanticipated confrontations. Additionally it could also signify a startling assault from people whom you might have least expected to behave in such an abominable manner towards you or show such confrontational behavior.

Being in a crowd of women in your dream means that you are about to be betrayed by the person you are involved with. This can also refer to separating from your significant other, and experiencing heartache in the process.

Dreaming about an aggressive bear tells you that you are too concerned about immediate gains, especially those benefiting your household. You never miss an opportunity of getting something brought into your household to make it wealthier and more improved.

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