An aircraft taking off

An aircraft taking off Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Bathing, in the context of a dream, is a highly auspicious sign predicting success and happiness both for everyday matters, such as budgeting and chores, and matters of the heart, including new and progressing relationships. If the bathtub was devoid of water or draining in this vision, it could portend the opposite, namely bad luck, poor health, and a challenging financial situation. Taking a bath for both men and women can represent their emotional maturity and their readiness to be in a loving, long-term relationship. However, other people may be getting in the way of that happening, either by preventing the dreamer from entering a relationship or by sabotaging their efforts to meet and connect with others.

Dreaming that you are taking aspirin means that you will find it hard to defend your stand or views on a very important matter, but you will win in the end for you will prove to others that you are right all along.

An empty aircraft, one that is undergoing maintenance or after the crew and passengers have deplaned, means you may become disappointed in someone. This could be a teammate who would not perform their responsibilities and derail a project, or it could be a loved one who would commit a grievous error. It is also possible that you are holding a grudge against someone and this is creating psychological turmoil. Your anger is just building up inside you and is likely sucking out some of the joy and warmth you used to possess.

Dreaming about being fired or let go under any circumstances in a dream vision predicts a similar situation (or the possibility of such a situation) in wake life. Namely, this sign points toward a glitch or problem at your place of work which, while not technically your fault, is likely to fall on your shoulders. However, even when faced with an almost insolvable challenge, your positive outlook and energy are the tools you can rely on to find a solution and get things back on track.

Having a dream when you are about to take your shoes off signifies that relationship with a person you love is coming to an end.

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